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To help Ukraine refugees and their animals: Bavarian animal shelter takes an unusual step

People flee with their animals from the Ukraine war – also to Bavaria. An animal shelter has now decided to take an extraordinary step.

Bamberg – “We are overwhelmed and enthusiastic about the many offers of help that reach us in these difficult times,” writes the Bamberg Animal Welfare Association on its Facebook page. The background is the Ukraine conflict, which has escalated into war.* “People who have little themselves are willing to share and open their homes and hearts to people and animals who have fled Ukraine,” the animal shelter is enthusiastic about the solidarity ( Read here* how you can help refugees in Bavaria.

Ukraine war: Bavarian animal shelter overwhelmed by “helpfulness and selflessness”

“We want to say thank you for all the helpfulness and selflessness. And of course we also support where we can, for example with these donations in kind for the Red Cross,” says a photo that was posted on Facebook. One’s thoughts are “with all two- and four-legged victims of this senseless war.”

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Bamberg animal shelter takes an unusual path for Ukraine aid

“We passed on donations to the Red Cross so that people who arrive with animals can find food and materials in the shelters,” an animal keeper told . “Although we are always in short supply, the rescue stations really need it more urgently right now,” the woman describes the unusual action.

Dog, cat, turtle: Many Ukraine refugees bring their animals with them

We are also prepared to temporarily take in animals from refugees while the owners are in emergency shelters. So far, however, this has not happened. According to , many volunteers have already signed up to take in an animal. (kam) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

The Nuremberg animal protection association Noris is asking for help for families who have fled to Germany from the Ukraine and their pets.*

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