FunAstrologyTraditionally traumatized: six-part “Faster than fear” in the first

Traditionally traumatized: six-part “Faster than fear” in the first

“Faster than fear” – tolerably ready-made items from the ARD crime series.

Frankfurt – Some time ago, the all-round star Sting, who was not too devastatingly on the head when it came to creativity, responded in an interview to the question of what his personal criteria for good music were, with the extremely plausible standard that it should ideally surprise him. Admittedly, that may not be transferable one-to-one to TV series formats … although … well, actually it can.

For example, the ARD crime series “Schneller als die Angst”, which is fresh in terms of time, but its content is duly stale, unfortunately drags itself so predictably in a direction of travel that is rather so rich in meanings that in terms of the number of curves, on the other hand, even the A45, known as the Sauerland line, is almost nürburgring ‘ Sche Nordschleife presented.

“Faster than fear”: Stereotypical characters come and go in the ARD series

Stereotypical characters from the obligatory crime set construction kit (at this point, please fill in the brackets yourself with the customary “thriller” personnel, including the resulting interpersonal relationships) routinely hand each other in six-part successive cycles. Everything has already been seen umpteen times in a similar to almost identical composition and already properly booked at the time under the shrugging rubric “Eh yes”. In terms of craftsmanship and acting, it is all well staged and well-intentioned – if you disregard the apparently indestructible and advice-resistant misconception that a permanent wobbly camera seems somehow authentically taken from life (unless it was used in daily drunkenness) – but thematically but just old-fashioned semi-new.

At the same time, the clumsy opening sequence brushed on “Look-how-crazy-loose-devil-guys-we-are” reveals where the rabbit will probably fall to the rest of the episodes, and would have justified an early switch-off here.

role Actress
Sonja Becker “Sunny” Friederike Becht
Markus Fechner Christoph Letkowski
André Haffner Felix Klare
Torsten Wächter Andreas Döhler
Ralf Keller Thomas Loibl

For all those who stick with it, the supposed riddle about the identity of the second rapist, next to the main bad guy, turns out – no, not a “spoiler”, it was exactly the one you, as a halfway expert viewer, already saw when he first appeared Suspected – as only moderately mysterious.

ARD six-part “Faster than fear” is only partially original

In short; Even if it reads a little differently here: All of this is – ideally accompanied by wheat beer – solidly lookable and also quite professionally designed, but unfortunately – because the anticipation was just as great as the justified fear – only partially original.

“Faster than fear”

Sunday, January 9, 2022, 9.45 p.m., episode 5: driven hunt; 10.30 p.m., episode 6: Freedom. Available in the media library

But “Faster Than Fear” still has to book at least three praiseworthy facts: On the one hand, the main character only suffers from the visions and flashbacks that are now common, on the other hand, none of the main roles is attributed any placebo quirky quirk and – in the end, most importantly -: The complete number does without Lars Eidinger, who has been praised for a number of films too long. (Jörg Schneider)

Jörg Schneider is a satirist and author of numerous books. He also wrote columns, glosses and essays for various daily newspapers, but also texts for Titanic, Eulenspiegel and the Harald Schmidt Show. The retired rock star is unknown from radio and television and has been on the road with readings on large and small stages for many years.

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