NewsTyphoon "Chanthu" hits Taiwan

Typhoon "Chanthu" hits Taiwan

Massive precipitation and strong winds: Typhoon "Chanthu" hits eastern Taiwan with full force. There is initially no electricity for more than 14,000 households.

[Taipei -] With heavy rains and strong winds, Typhoon "Chanthu" streaked east Taiwan. Overturned masts cut the power to more than 14,000 households in the morning, according to the energy company Taiwan Power Company.

More than 2500 people were evacuated from flood-prone areas to safety, reported the crisis team.

As the typhoon moved northward, the weather department warned people in the north of the island of heavy rain and high wind speeds. The residents should stay away from the coast, as the waves could rise by up to six meters.

Rail traffic in the mountains or regions at risk of flooding was stopped on Sunday. More than 170 flights have been canceled or delayed. Ferry traffic between Taiwan and offshore islands was also partially suspended. [dpa]

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