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University of Halle throws out virologist Kekulé: He is now making serious allegations – "impossible"

The Martin Luther University Halle has temporarily released virologist Alexander Kekulé from his duties. What exactly is behind this is not clear.

Halle – He is one of the best-known virologists in Germany and made himself particularly visible to the public during the current Corona * pandemic. Alexander Kekulé rushes from talk show to interview, can be seen all the time. But now he seems to be losing his actual job as a professor at the Martin Luther University in Halle.

University of Halle with disciplinary proceedings against virologist Kekulé: what happened?

The 63-year-old told the German press agency that the university had issued a “temporary dismissal” against him. The reason for the disciplinary procedure is apparently the allegation of failed teaching duties on the part of the professor.

According to Kekulé, it seems to be an internship that, according to his own statement, he should have held last year in violation of the corona measures. Such a provisional dismissal can be pronounced if it is foreseeable in the course of disciplinary proceedings that the civil servant status of a person will be revoked and the person will therefore be dismissed.

Kekulé apparently loses a professorship: University of Halle pronounces “temporary dismissal”

Kekulé himself wants to take legal action against the dismissal. A university spokeswoman says: “In principle, we don’t comment on personnel matters.” Kekulé, on the other hand, is far more open. On Tuesday evening he said to the picture : “This is a political process” because he had repeatedly expressed himself critical of the government and the RKI. The current allegations are “pulled by the hair”. He called dealing with him as a professor “impossible”.

He cited internal university disagreements as a further reason for the dismissal: “Since taking up my duties, I have fought to have the virology department at the university reasonably well equipped.” .

Kekulé recognizes several reasons for the step: “This is a political process”

After personal letters to various departments at the university – including the medical director and dean – did not bring any improvement, the virologist, who is now well-known throughout the country, contacted the responsible minister in the summer of last year. This said to take care of yourself. Kekulé sees the process as an “immediate response,” he explained to the picture .

The virologist recently publicly warned of the rampant Omicron variant of the coronavirus and is pursuing a new strategy. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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