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Valle del Cauca road network: first 5G highway awarded in Colombia

The corridor, awarded to the PRC-MC Plural Structure firm, contemplates the construction of 15.6 km of new simple road, between Cali and Jamundí, this being the extension of Av. Ciudad de Cali.

The Government announced on Tuesday the award of the Valle del Cauca road network in the Cali-Palmira accesses to the Plural Structure PRC-MC firm, which demonstrated financial capacity and investment experience through the Patria Infrastructure Fund IV Private Capital Fund.

The new Valle del Cauca road network: Cali and Palmira accesses is the first Fifth Generation (5G) project in Colombia, which includes construction, rehabilitation and maintenance along 310km of road and will be concessioned by the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI).

The investment will be $ 1.22 trillion (estimated figure in capex as of December 2020). The corridor includes the construction of 15.6 km of new simple road, between Cali and Jamundí, this being the extension of Av. Ciudad de Cali, where heavy traffic will move.

The project, according to the ANI, will also have the construction of 12.6 km of new second lanes, “291.4 km of fine-tuning of existing corridors, construction of two uneven interchanges (Sameco and Versalles), a vehicular bridge over the Cauca River between Jamundí and Villarrica ”.

In addition, 22 pedestrian bridges would be built, construction of cycle routes and lighting adaptation of various corridors, among others.

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“In February we received eight proposals to participate in the construction of this project, which generated enormous joy for us, therefore, today the satisfaction is double because we are awarding a priority corridor for the south west of the country, as it will facilitate the mobilization of citizens and the transportation of cargo from the ports to the interior of the country, not counting the benefits in terms of job creation, since there will be around 40 thousand jobs, “said Angela María Orozco, Minister of Transportation.

The firms that presented themselves to participate in this bidding process were: Plural structure Autopistas del Valle and Cauca, Plural structure Ruta de la Caña, Sociedad Constructora de Colombia Copasa, Plural Structure ACP Prosperidad, Plural Structure of the Valley, Infrastructure Vial del Valle del Cauca and Sacyr Concesiones Colombia SAS.

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As explained by the ANI, after the award of the process comes the signing of the contract, which will take place in 15 business days following the award hearing. Then, the estimated start date will be 30 business days following the signing of the contract. As of that date, “the pre-construction period will come, which will be one year and immediately afterwards the construction phase will begin, which is estimated to be for the second semester of 2022.”

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The road corridor foresees the generation of 40,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs. The operation and maintenance of this project has a term of up to 29 years. “With this initiative, it is estimated that around 3,300,000 inhabitants of Cali, Buga, Candelaria, El Cerrito, Florida, Guacarí, Ginebra, Jamundí, Palmira, Vijes, Yotoco, Yumbo, Caloto, Miranda, Puerto Tejada, Santander de Quilichao will benefit. and Villarica ”, added the ANI.

Payments to all suppliers of Ruta del Sol 3 end

Payments were made to 257 suppliers for an approximate value of $ 128,000 million, the ANI reported.