NewsVenezuela: Juan Guaidó punched by Nicolás Maduro's thugs as...

Venezuela: Juan Guaidó punched by Nicolás Maduro's thugs as soon as he landed

Juan Guaidó was attacked as soon as he landed at the Caracas airport on his way back to Venezuela. A large group of followers of the tyrant Maduro had been summoned to concentrate and give a violent welcome to the opposition and legitimate president of the country. Several thugs of the narco-dictator, members of Sebin, were heating the atmosphere throughout the afternoon, trying to prevent leaders of the The National Assembly went to the airport to receive Guaidó. Juan Guaidó returned to his country this Tuesday after having spent a month on an international tour gathering support to fight against the drug dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro. The president in charge has celebrated, as soon as he landed in Caracas, that he brings back “the commitment of the free world,” emphasizing that “the dictatorship was never so alone.” After ten o’clock at night in peninsular time, Guaidó landed in Caracas, highlighting that there are many who are “willing to help restore democracy and freedom” in Venezuela. “A new moment begins that will not allow setbacks and that needs us all doing what we have to do,” he said before emphasizing that “the time has come”. He has asked everyone to be “attentive to new announcements” that he will do soon and has affirmed that “today more than ever will be necessary unity, trust and political discipline.” “We are back”, has riveted.Several Maduro agents, members of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN) and the Bolivarian National Police (PNB), had deployed shortly before around the Maiquetía international airport, where a group of deputies from the Venezuelan opposition party Voluntad Popular have denounced attacks by the security forces while they awaited the arrival of Guaidó. Shortly before, the agents had stopped the buses in which they intended to reach the capital’s aerodrome, so the deputies have chosen to continue on foot despite the human barriers formed by the uniformed. Despite the “blockade of the repressive forces of the Maduro dictatorship,” in the words of the National Communication Center, some deputies have achieved their objective. Guaidó has proclaimed the “success” of his international tour, ensuring that its international partners have pledged to adopt concrete measures against the Government of Nicolás Maduro, but has urged the Venezuelans lanos to do their part by reactivating the protests in the streets. The “president in charge” hopes to achieve in 2020 the goal that has resisted him in 2019: evicting Maduro from the Miraflores Palace to hold a “truly free” presidential election.

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