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Very soon Mexico could play a relevant role in this industry on which the whole world depends.

In the United States , they are interested in strengthening semiconductor supply chains with their trading partners such as Mexico , said John Neuffer, president of the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) , on Tuesday.

The director highlighted the enthusiasm, commitment and potential with which Mexico seeks to contribute more to the semiconductor production chain.

The president of the SIA recalled that a few weeks ago they were in Mexico to learn about the government’s policy to be part of this value chain. “Mexico has a great opportunity. We salute the pioneering role of Mexico, we welcome Mexico to participate in this field”, he said.

“Mexico has a thriving ecosystem for the semiconductor chain. The market is there and what we have to do is surgical work to close the clamps and be able to have better results”, assured the Secretary of the Economy, Tatiana Clouthier, at the forum Strengthening the supply chains of semiconductors between Mexico and the United States. United .


Mexico, being a neighbor of the United States, has a great opportunity now that the production and supply chains are relocating (reshoring). In addition, Mexico, the product of 14 trade agreements, has access to different markets.

Speaking of the subject of semiconductors, Secretary Clouthier pointed out, they are present in most of the instruments or articles that are used on a day-to-day basis.

In this sense, it is essential to strengthen both the supply chain and the alliances with industry and academia.

The Ministry of Economy has worked with the Ministry of Finance to achieve incentives and thus attract greater investment in the sector. The government’s goal, said Clouthier, is “to facilitate the connection between large investments and multinationals with local MSMEs” to increase local supply.

“Mexico is the eighth largest producer of electronics, worldwide, and the sixth largest producer of automobiles, which leads to a great demand for semiconductors,” said the secretary.

In his speech, Gabriel Yorio, Undersecretary of the Treasury, said that bringing investment that manages to generate resilience in North America will not only benefit Mexico and the countries of the region, but will also have a global impact.

The undersecretary recalled that the Ministry of Finance is working on a stimulus package for the south-east of the country, similar to the one already applied in the border area with the United States, which has contributed to the relocation of companies.

Yorio specified that for the south southeast there will be modifications “because the vocation of the isthmus is going to be very different from the other zones, we are still calibrating those that are going to be implemented in the Isthmus.” He added that what is sought is that they be carried out in the 10 industrial parks of the Transisthmian Corridor.

It is expected that the vocation of this area of the country will be more focused on the agro-industrial and logistics part.

He added that, in addition to tax incentives, the Treasury works with the Inter-American Development Bank and with Nacional Financiera (Nafin) to finance companies that seek to relocate and so that Mipymes can link up with large companies that establish themselves in the southeast. .

When questioning him about inflation, Undersecretary Yorio recalled that the increase in prices is due to supply problems, as well as the increases registered in maritime transport.

He pointed out that central banks, such as Banco de México, are doing their job by increasing the interest rate, something that is limited by supply shocks.

In addition to that, he pointed out, “the PACIC is a complementary action. What are we searching for? Try to stabilize the prices of generic products”, as well as stabilize the price of gasoline, through weekly incentives, which will be reduced as the price of oil falls.


Although Mexico is a very competitive country, one of the challenges for the country is to reduce informality, Enrique Yamuni, National Chamber of the Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology Industry (CANIETI) pointed out in his speech.

“We need to reduce the high levels of informality that we have in the country. What we need is to make the population and SMEs aware of the advantages of being in a formal economy”, said Yumuni.

Said advantages, he explained, have to do with better health, education and security services. “That they are not just thinking about ‘how much are they going to take out of my taxes?’, but rather ‘what am I going to receive for being in the formal economy?’”.

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