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The government promotes the Mayan Train and Trans-isthmic Corridor in Canada

The Mexican Ministry of Economy, Tatiana Clouthier, promoted the priority works of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the southeast of the country, such as the Mayan Train and the Trans-isthmian Corridor, in his virtual tour this Monday in Canada.

Clouthier commented in a conference that he presented investment opportunities in his meetings with Mary Ng, Minister of Small Businesses, Export Promotion and International Trade; Francois-Phillipe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, and business leaders.

“We present the projects and the vision that is had towards the south-southeast of the country and we comment on how the logistics parts come that may be interesting for them, use the space that is there to transport merchandise,” said the secretary.

After the impact of COVID-19 “the southern states are not going to recover until mid-2022. Instead the northern states could recover this summer. This will widen inequalities and deepen poverty in the states where reactivation is most required, ”warned Jiménez Bandala, head of the doctorate in Administration at the La Salle University Business School.

The Mexican official made the virtual visit with Canada, Mexico’s fifth commercial partner, within the framework of the new trade agreement between both and the United States, the TMEC.

The meeting took place after the historic midterm elections on June 6, where the Mexican ruling party lost the qualified majority in Congress, but swept the governorships.

Clouthier acknowledged that “the issue of the elections was one with which all the meetings began,” but that Minister Ng “congratulated Mexico for the process.”

“(We started) by telling them that yesterday we had a very important election for Mexico and that two things that we believe are important had been endorsed, one is to show the diversity that our country has and the plurality of it,” he said.

The election gained international relevance, particularly among Mexico’s trading partners, because President López Obrador required maintaining control of the lower house to carry out constitutional reforms, such as one to restrict private participation in the energy sector.

Clouthier acknowledged that Canada addressed the energy issue and that next week there will be a meeting between authorities from both countries.

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“However, we are working with some investors already, we had some meetings with them,” he said.


After a historical contraction of 8.5% of GDP last year, Mexico forecasts growth of up to 7% in 2021 thanks to the advance in vaccination and the economic recovery of the United States and Canada, partners in the T-MEC.

For this reason, the Ministry of Economy has opted for an institutional relationship with its counterparts in the United States and Canada.

“It was very evident that, for Canada, Mexico is a key partner for the growth of its companies and that Mexico is considered a country in which they will continue to invest in the short, medium and long term,” said Luz María de la Mora, Undersecretary of Foreign Trade.

In this sense, as of today, the website of the Ministry of Economy is available, where Mexican producers will find how to get to the Canadian market; as well as the one, which presents opportunities and advice to invest in Mexico.

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