Economy"We will privilege the negotiation in the T-MEC", assures...

"We will privilege the negotiation in the T-MEC", assures Raquel Buenrostro

Raquel Buenrostro , the new Secretary of the Economy, assures that within the framework of the dispute resolution mechanism of the T-MEC in energy matters, Mexico will bet on the negotiation .

“We will always favor negotiation,” assured Buenrostro after declaring the Good End season inaugurated, in the first public event that he attends as head of the Ministry of Economy (SE), the agency in charge of commercial negotiation of the Mexican government.

Buenrostro arrived at Economy on October 7, four days after Mexico, the United States and Canada agreed on energy matters, as a result of the changes that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has implemented to strengthen the state-owned companies Pemex and the Federal Electricity Commission. (CFE).

Regarding the queries, Francisco Cervantes, president of the Business Coordinating Council, commented to the media on Wednesday afternoon that Raquel Buenrostro “continues to study” the energy issue and already “knows a lot about it; He has very good communication.”

“We do everything humanly possible not to make it to the panel. Hopefully in the course of the consultations this can be resolved,” he added.

Cervantes offered both his team of foreign trade lawyers and his office in Washington to work with the Mexican government on the matter.

When asked about what President López Obrador said that there will be no panel of experts, Francisco Cervantes maintained that the president is also very keen to resolve the issue in the consultations.

minimum salary

During the current administration there have been wage increases that have allowed the minimum wage to go from 88.36 pesos to 172.87 pesos.

“We are with all the good disposition, but also take care of the balances” to avoid a “high wage increase that is later reflected in high prices,” Cervantes pointed out.

He announced that the issue will be discussed in the National Minimum Wage Commission (Conasami) and that “we are preparing an important proposal; an important salary that helps low-income families.”

For the next year, President López Obrador announced that the salary increase.

At least 5 people have left their posts after the arrival of Raquel Buenrostro...

Raquel Buenrostro has chosen to make changes in the main positions of the Ministry of Economy when the country negotiates with the US and Canada within the framework of the T-MEC.

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The White House contacted Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard to notify him that the US president wants to speak with his Mexican counterpart.

Who are the new undersecretaries of foreign trade and industry of the SE?

The new Undersecretary of Commerce will lead negotiations with the US and Canada on energy matters in order to avoid future sanctions against the country.

LAST MINUTE: Buenrostro appoints undersecretaries of foreign trade and industry and commerce

Alejandro Encinas Nájera will take the place of Luz María de la Mora, while Luis Abel Romero López replaces Héctor Guerrero.

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The Ministry of Economy is left without a head to lead the disputes on energy matters before the representatives of the US and Canada within the framework of the T-MEC.