EconomyLAST MINUTE: Buenrostro appoints undersecretaries of foreign trade and...

LAST MINUTE: Buenrostro appoints undersecretaries of foreign trade and industry and commerce

The Secretary of Economy, Raquel Buenrostro, announced this Friday the appointments of the Undersecretaries of Foreign Trade, and of Industry and Commerce.

Alejandro Encinas Nájera arrives at the position vacated on Thursday by Luz María de la Mora, as head of foreign trade; while Luis Abel Romero López will be in charge of the Undersecretary of Industry and Commerce, instead of Héctor Guerrero.

“With this team, the dialogue within the Government of Mexico is strengthened, fundamental and indispensable for the coordinated elaboration of the responses to the T-MEC consultations, which favors a dialogue and a negotiation with legal arguments,” said the Ministry of Economy in a statement this Friday.

Mexico is in the midst of the consultation process requested by the United States and Canada on energy matters because they consider that foreign companies are being treated unfairly, privileging Pemex and CFE, failing to comply with the provisions of the T-MEC.

With these appointments, the agency added, a “better government coordination” is intended for the implementation of strategies that allow “to reduce inflation.”

Guaranteeing the investment of national and foreign companies, especially now that the relocation of supply chains and the strengthening of regional markets have modified the world economy, is the work and commitment of the SE, the statement said. “The objective is to promote economic activity at the service of Mexico,” he said.

Lastly, the dependency in charge of Raquel Buenrostro maintained that growth is sought, but “with a greater distribution of income, more formal jobs and with decent wages for the well-being of Mexicans.”

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Raquel Buenrostro has chosen to make changes in the main positions of the Ministry of Economy when the country negotiates with the US and Canada within the framework of the T-MEC.

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The new Minister of Economy, Raquel Buenrostro, affirms that Mexico will seek negotiations with its commercial partners in North America.

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The White House contacted Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard to notify him that the US president wants to speak with his Mexican counterpart.

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The new Undersecretary of Commerce will lead negotiations with the US and Canada on energy matters in order to avoid future sanctions against the country.

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The Ministry of Economy is left without a head to lead the disputes on energy matters before the representatives of the US and Canada within the framework of the T-MEC.