The T-MEC has a bittersweet first birthday due to COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic and disagreements in labor and energy matters dull the benefits of the trade pact between Mexico, the United States and Canada one year after its entry into force.

A drop in imports reduces the US trade deficit in April

The country's authorities are lifting restrictions related to the virus, which is increasing demand for services such as travel.

The government promotes the Mayan Train and Trans-isthmic Corridor in Canada

The Canadian government addressed the energy issue; next week there will be a meeting between authorities from both countries, informed the Mexican economy secretary, Tatiana Clouthier.


Avianca traces its route to Mexico: more air cargo, but with skepticism in the AIFA

The Colombian airline seeks to become the new giant in the Latin American region, but in Mexico it shows concern about air safety and remains cautious about the AIFA.

Lady Gaga Confirms Role in 'Joker' Sequel

Lady Gaga's acting career is picking up speed. Next up is the "Joker". Lead actors and director are no strangers.

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Haas acknowledges that he copies Ferrari to "not be stupid"

Haas says it should come as no surprise that his update for the 2022 Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix is almost a carbon copy of Ferrari's.