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Virologist Streeck makes you sit up and take notice: "Vaccination protection against infection is overestimated"

The number of corona infections in Germany is increasing day by day. Is this the beginning of the fourth wave? Virologist Hendrik Streeck doubts that and warns against the fall.

Cologne – The 7-day incidence in Germany * is again in double digits. Epidemiologists are concerned about the infection process and fear the beginning of a fourth corona wave. It should be a relaxed summer 2021 – despite Corona.

Virologist Streeck: Feared fourth corona wave in autumn

“Do not think that this is the fourth wave,” says virologist Hendrik Streeck (43) in the ntv interview. A clear increase can be seen. Returners would bring the virus back and the opening of schools also played a role, admits Streeck. Instead, he warns of autumn: “We have to prepare for autumn, because I expect a fourth wave there.”

The delta variant now also dominates in Germany. The proportion of Delta variants in new coronavirus infections is now 74 percent. The corona mutation is considered to be more contagious, according to British studies up to 60 percent. Infection numbers are skyrocketing in France, Great Britain and Spain. Many fully vaccinated people become infected with the Delta variant. That creates uncertainty. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn warned of an 800 incidence in October * at a press conference on Wednesday (July 21, 2021) in Berlin.

Streeck about Corona: The vaccination protection against infection is overestimated

According to the Bonn virologist Streeck, the danger has less to do with the Delta variant *. Another point is crucial in the dynamic infection process: “What I assume is that the vaccination protection against infection is overestimated.” The vaccine protects against a severe course of a corona infection. It is for one’s own protection, it is not for third-party protection.

“We all have to get vaccinated so that we don’t have a difficult course – protect ourselves”, appeals virologist Streeck in the ntv conversation. Because: “Unfortunately, we will not achieve herd immunity with this vaccine *.”

Streeck on Great Britain: “This is a dangerous experiment”

Vaccinate as quickly as possible – fully vaccinate – according to experts, this is an important means against a fourth corona wave. So far, around 45 percent of the population in Germany has been fully vaccinated. The Robert Koch Institute * (RKI) estimates that the vaccination quota for 12 to 59 year olds should be at least 85 percent. For those over 60, 90 percent.

Streeck is critical of the easing in London and Great Britain. “This is a dangerous experiment that is being done here. And I hope that it won’t spill over into the hospitals there. “

Karl Lauterbach is already writing off autumn 2021 in view of the situation. The SPD health expert also initiates a debate with a view to the long-term consequences of Corona Long-Covid. (ml) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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