NewsVolker Bruch railed against YouTube - Corona videos deleted

Volker Bruch railed against YouTube – Corona videos deleted

Youtube deletes corona videos of the anti-government campaign #allesaufdentisch. Actor and initiator Volker Bruch is outraged – and now wants to defend himself.

Berlin – Actor Volker Bruch was one of the best-known participants in the # allesdichtmachen * protest, in which a total of 52 artists criticized the Federal Government’s measures against the Corona * pandemic in April 2021.

The action received encouragement, but was also sharply criticized because it ingratiated itself with the lateral thinking movement and mocked the corona measures as well as the sick, deceased and their relatives, it said.

Youtube deletes corona videos from #allesaufdentisch due to “medical misinformation”

At the end of September 2021, Volker Bruch, Wotan Wilke Möhring and other celebrities renewed their criticism of dealing with the Corona crisis with the # allesaufdentisch * campaign. In the course of this, they published more than 50 videos on YouTube in which they conducted interviews with people who, in their opinion, were not heard.

Youtube has now deleted individual videos of the #allesaufdentisch campaign. According to a media report, the platform informed those involved that the videos violated the guidelines on medical misinformation, according to a report by the Bild newspaper. Accordingly, “allegations made in the videos about vaccinations against Covid-19 that contradict the expert opinion of local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO)” are problematic. According to the media report, interviews on the subjects of incidence and anxiety with mathematics professor Stephan Luckhaus and neurobiologist Gerald Hüther are affected by the deletion.

#allesaufdentisch: Initiator Volker Bruch wants to take legal action against YouTube

Volker Bruch, initiator of #allesaufdentisch, now wants to take legal action against YouTube. “We try to get into conversation with people. This is democracy. Wiping out our voices is the sad opposite, “Bruch said, according to the report

Media law attorney Joachim Steinhöfel represents the #allesaufdentisch campaign. The lawyer, whose clients include the federal board of the AfD * and who publishes as a guest author for “The Axis of the Good” and Tichy’s insight, sees a “new dimension of breaking the law” in the YouTube campaign. The video platform has not yet commented on the allegations. (Max Schäfer) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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