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Want one more reason to work at Google? This is how several of its offices are

The pandemic generated a reluctance in a segment of the population to return to the offices, which is why many companies have had to put more effort into the design of their work centers and have adopted a scheme that has become common in technology: happy and flexible spaces.

What are Google offices like?

As an employer brand, Google became an aspirational company. The range of amenities in its offices placed it in the eye of applicants looking for an opportunity to join the ranks of the main subsidiary of the American Alphabet.

In a tour that Google took in its Los Angeles office, the technology company explained how each space of what was once the hangar of the Hughes H4-Hecules, popularly known as the Spruce Goose, has been designed. The plane was the largest wooden ship built in history and after falling into disuse this space was acquired by the technology company to house one of the largest offices it has in the United States.

The more than 40,000 square meters house everything from a cafeteria to an Arcade room and board games, as well as a space to create music where Googlers have different instruments available to practice.

But in addition to this iconic space, the company has some notable offices around the world.

For example, in Dublin, the company’s employees can enjoy an indoor pool and several restaurants. While in Amsterdam there are the tributes that best pay homage to the founding of the brand, as they simulate Susan Wojcicki’s garage in California.

Another of the most iconic offices is in New York, located exactly in front of the Chelsea Market, this technology compound houses its only official store and several YouTube studios. While in London, the company has a building with balconies that allow you to see the British city in its splendor, as well as offering a gym space and interior gardens.

How many Google offices are there in the world?

The company has more than 70 offices in 50 countries, which is why the company has an application called Shortcut that allows employees to see inside the offices and guide them to where their office colleagues are.

For example, if you are a Googler from Mexico and you are visiting the Los Angeles office, it is very possible that you get lost, which is why, similar to Google Maps, the app indicates to the collaborator the exact location of the meeting rooms. or your partner’s ‘cubicle’.

All company offices respect and give great importance to their employees, especially to achieve their well-being. Therefore, each one of them is considered as one more member of the family.

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