EconomyWhat about saving for retirement? AMLO will review Afores...

What about saving for retirement? AMLO will review Afores 2 years after the reform

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced this Thursday that a two-year review of the reform of the retirement savings system will be carried out.

The president recalled that the latest changes in the matter allow savings conditions to improve and, with it, a better pension at the time of retirement.

“We are going to do a review to see if it is corrected with this modification, since the law was reformed – it has been about two years -, to see how we are doing and have a diagnosis” of the current situation of the savings system for the withdrawal, said the president in the morning conference.

With the changes in the Afores scheme, López Obrador recalled, the collection of intermediation commissions was reduced and employer contributions were increased, which will go from 6.5% to 15% in 2030 and were reduced to 750 weeks of contributions to have access to A Hostel.

“We are not satisfied that it has been fully resolved, but we have to assess and make known how the current situation is,” said López Obrador.

The president announced that he will invite the Secretary of the Treasury and the person in charge of Consar, Rogelio Ramírez de la O and Iván Pliego Moreno, respectively, to the morning conference.

minimum salary

The president recalled that since he became president, the purchasing power of salary has been recovered. “The economic policy was aimed at protecting a minority and leaving minorities in poverty, helplessness,” he said.

“Wages have increased like never before, and will continue to increase,” he added while commenting that “during the 36 years of dominance by neoliberal governments, wages lost 70% of their purchasing power.”

He stressed that, with the increases that have occurred in recent years, a recovery of purchasing power of 63% has been achieved, in real terms, even with inflation of 8.7%.

“My ideal, to see if it can be done because it is not just a matter of decree, is that I can say that I have increased 100%,” he said.

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