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What are the most expensive technology shares you can buy on the BMV?

To the wide offer that the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) has to buy shares in the local market, there is also a way to have access to international securities through the International Quotation System (SIC), which allows entering securities that were listed in other parts of the world.

In the stock market, technology companies have been the favorites among investors who diversify their portfolios and acquire as many shares of these companies as possible. However, the growing uncertainty about the rise in interest rates has permeated the price of those shares in the sector.

The Nasdaq (the main technology stock index) at the close of Tuesday presented a fall of 26.2% so far in 2022, mainly due to the rise in interest rates in the world, since in the face of the rise in interest rates, the Investors favor lower volatility instruments such as government debt (fixed income), while technology stocks are affected by less attractive valuations due to more expensive financing.

Although some experts consider that this is not the time to go out and buy technology stocks, they suggest that if they detect opportunities due to low valuations, they could be a buying opportunity.

For this reason, some of the options that investors can take advantage of through the SIC are diverse, but with a fairly high price. When comparing the prices of some of the most important technology companies in the market with respect to the issuers listed on the BMV, they found that some of the prices per share of the technology companies could provide greater diversification with local firms. Here some examples:

The most expensive technological actions in the SIC are Samsung Electronics, with a price of 21,440 pesos; Mercado Libre (MELI), with 17,030 pesos; Equinix, with 12,770 pesos; Tesla (TSLA), with 5,520 pesos; Netflix, at 4,370 pesos; Facebook (META), at 3,186 pesos; Apple (AAPL), with 3,112 pesos; Amazon (AMZN), at 2,539 pesos, and Google (GOOGL) at 2,150 pesos.

For example, if the price of the Mercado Libre (MELI) share is compared with the total of adding the price of each share that traded on the BMV on Tuesday, September 6, the value would amount to 7,761 pesos. In other words, for each Mercado Libre share on the SIC, you can buy 2.2 times the total number of shares on the BMV.

The BMV has a record of 136 shares, among the most outstanding due to price (considering the close of September 6) such as Elektra, with 1,024.71 pesos per title; Southeast Airport Group (ASUR), with 425.53 pesos; Corporate Forge, with 345 pesos; Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP), with 288.84 pesos, and Gruma, with 224.69 pesos.

“In recent weeks, we have seen a period of high volatility after Jerome Powell’s remarks in Jackson Hole, related to a more restrictive monetary policy, so we reiterate our cautious view. The issuers that we maintain within the sample of the SIC Favorites are: Mastercard (MA); Alphabet (GOOGL); DR Horton (DHI); Disney (DIS); and Microsoft (MSFT). We are removing Nvidia, derived from the recent bans on chip exports to China”, Monex analysts mentioned.

Other shares listed on the SIC that have high prices are the international business conglomerate, Møller-Mærsk (MAERSKB), with a price of 50,616.43 pesos per share; Booking Holdings (BKNG), with 36,454.1 pesos; the Dutch electronic payments firm, Adyen, with 33,946.89 pesos; the restaurant Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG), with 32,904 pesos, and Samsung Electronics (SMSN), with a price of 21,440.25 pesos.

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