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What corona tests cost from today – and who has to pay for them

The end of the free corona tests in October will cost unvaccinated people dearly. How much antigen and PCR tests should cost from today.

Frankfurt – It has been clear for a few weeks: in Hesse and all of Germany, people will soon have to pay for corona tests themselves. From Monday, October 11th, the tests for the detection of an infection with the coronavirus will be chargeable. This was decided by the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) together with the Prime Ministers of the federal states, including Volker Bouffier (CDU) for Hesse.

While the first federal states have already pushed ahead and introduced the 2G rule, the 3G rule applies nationwide and in Hesse as a uniform instrument to contain the corona pandemic. Nevertheless: For restaurateurs, hairdressers and other service providers there is also the controversial possibility of only admitting or serving those who have been vaccinated and recovered.

For this option, the essential Corona restrictions, such as the mask requirement or distance rule that previously applied, do not apply. Organizers and operators are thus granted more decision-making authority and room for maneuver. This ensures that opinions on the 2G rule differ widely among the population. However, the 3G rule also leads to mixed feelings.

Corona: How much should rapid tests and PCR tests cost from today?

Because the 3G rule means that only those who have been fully vaccinated, recovered or tested have access to certain facilities. From a 7-day incidence of 35 or more, this affects, among other things, the visiting regulations in clinics and nursing homes. But also visits to indoor catering, indoor events, hairdressers, fitness studios, sports halls or swimming pools. This rule does not apply to doctors, retailers and public transport.

Ab heute sind Corona-Tests nicht mehr für alle kostenlos verfügbar. (Archivbild)


As of today, corona tests are no longer available for everyone free of charge. (Archive image)

From October 11, 2021, many unvaccinated people will have to dig deep into their own pockets for their corona tests. The corona tests are then only free of charge for people who cannot be vaccinated because there is no general vaccination recommendation for them. This applies, among other things, to people with certain previous illnesses, pregnant women and children under 12 years of age. But how much does a corona test cost for those who need proof of the test and do not belong to the groups of people mentioned above?

Depending on the location and how quickly you need the result, the prices for the corona tests vary greatly. It is clear, however, that the procedure can represent a significant financial burden for many. As the MDR reports, the prices for rapid antigen tests vary between 18 and 40 euros, while PCR tests can cost over 130 euros. It has so far been difficult to make more precise statements about future prices for the corona tests. According to the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), the prices can be estimated using the existing reimbursement levels. So far, the federal government has reimbursed EUR 11.50 for rapid tests and EUR 43.56 for PCR tests.

3G rule: As of today, unvaccinated people have to dig deep into their pockets for corona tests

Basically, however, it can be assumed that prices will rise after the free Corona citizen tests have ended. Reason: Due to the closure of numerous test centers, the offer is steadily decreasing. Marcus Reisiger, operator of a private test center in Hamburg, told “There will certainly be a price war among the centers”. The aim, however, is to keep the price for the corona tests below 20 euros so that the test remains affordable for as many people as possible.

An evaluation by the German automobile club ADAC shows that a PCR test at Frankfurt Airport costs 69 euros. If you want the result in 35 minutes, you have to pay 279 euros. A rapid antigen test at the airport costs 29 euros. The prices in other European countries can also provide information about future test prices. According to the European Consumer Center Germany (evz), PCR tests in France will cost 43.89 euros from autumn, and rapid antigen tests 25 euros.

According to the portal, the Italian government has already set a price cap for rapid antigen tests, which should apply until December 31, 2021. The test can therefore cost a maximum of 15 euros for adults and a maximum of 8 euros for those under the age of 18. The price range for PCR tests in Italy is between 50 and 120 euros. (yw)

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