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What crisis? Samsung sold 60,000 folding phones in Mexico during 2021

Whether to create art, make architectural designs, create content or simply use it as a work tool, Mexicans are buying Samsung foldable phones , despite their price.

“Last year the preference for Flip was greater, now users are preferring Fold and there is much greater acceptance,” said Sang Jik Lee, president of Samsung Electronics Mexico, during the presentation in Mexico.

The brand announced that in 2021 the sale of this type of device reached 10 million foldables, while in Mexico they managed to sell 60,000 units and they hope that with this fourth generation they will sell four times more. In addition, Samsung indicates that it expects to sell 75 million dollars only from this product category.

“Last year there were several limitations in the supply of products, but the acceptance of these devices is growing and it is expected that up to 200,000 phones will be sold in Mexico,” said Adrián Castillo, product director at Samsung Electronics Mexico.

Jik Lee also announced that the segment that has grown the most in the country is premium smartphones. While Counterpoint Research points out that the company has 43.5% of the Latin American smartphone market.

An expensive trend

The arrival of the new products of the Galaxy family already have confirmed prices in Mexico. The fourth generation of folding smartphones will be available for pre-sale from August 24 and will have the following prices:

  • Galaxy Z Flip 4 of 8 GB plus 128 GB of internal memory in the graphite, pink gold, blue and bora purple versions will be priced at 24,999 pesos, while the 256 GB version will cost 27,499 pesos.
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4 will cost 44,999 pesos in the 256 GB version, while the 512 GB model will cost 48,499 pesos and they will be able to choose between the colors greygreen, phantom black and beige.

“We will have several benefits in the pre-sale of these items that range from plane tickets to national destinations, as well as discount packages,” said Claudia Contreras, CMO of Samsung Electronics.

Users who sign up for the presale of the equipment will be able to choose between three packages, one that gives double the memory, samsung care for one year and a ticket to a national destination or the option of having a Galaxy Watch 4, samsung care for one year and a national round flight.

Those who choose the third option will be able to have a national round flight and up to 11,000 pesos discount on the purchase of a Freestyle.

“There is also the Galaxy Exchange option where you can save up to 17,925 pesos by bringing equipment from past generations,” said Contreras.

The equipment will begin to be sold on August 24, but the arrival of the same will vary and it is expected that from September 9 users will be able to receive them.

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