NewsWhat is Just Stop Oil and why are they...

What is Just Stop Oil and why are they attacking works of art?

Protests by the group Just Stop Oil over the past year have resulted in multiple arrests, with more than 70 activists facing criminal charges.

On Monday, October 24, four protesters were arrested after

On the other hand, on Sunday, October 23, the activists .

These protests are part of a London oil and gas shutdown plan that will continue for the rest of this month, Just Stop Oil said.

Members will meet every day in October at 11a.m. on the outskirts of Downing Street – the residence of the British Prime Minister – with the aim of forcing the Government to stop using these energy resources.

While the Just Stop Oil protests have drawn public outrage as they have disrupted mobility in the city, others believe they should receive more support for their causes.

What is Just Stop Oil and why are you fighting?

This group was founded just a few months ago, in April 2022, and since then the group has staged several protests.

is a coalition of groups working together to ensure that the government commits to halting production and new licenses for fossil fuels.

The organization of climate activists is made up of several groups, with organizers from e at the head.

Who finances them?

The group is primarily funded by the Climate Emergency Fund, but also receives donations from the public and other environmental groups.

Why do they attack works of art and symbols of royalty?

Across Europe, climate protesters have tried to capture headlines in recent months, taking part in similar attacks linked to beloved pieces in the art world.

Activists seem to be targeting works of art and symbols of royalty with global resonance, hoping to bring about change in the world.

The Just Stop Oil protests

On Saturday 22 October Just Stop Oil protesters blocked roads in Islington, leading to arrests which were preceded by a similar protest at the High Holborn and Kingsway junction on Friday 21 October.

On Thursday, October 20, Harrods was sprayed with orange paint to mark the 20th day of their protests. Additionally, 20 activists stopped traffic in Knightsbridge by sitting in the road, with some even hitting the road. It led to 17 people being arrested.

A similar traffic blockade occurred on Wednesday October 19, with activists plastered outside the Victoria and Albert and Natural History museums in Kensington.

On Tuesday October 18, two Just Stop Oil protesters caused the closure of the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge at Dartford Crossing after hanging from the structure.

On Sunday, October 16, Just Stop Oil activists blocked Park Lane, the four-lane road next to Hyde Park, while a member sprayed orange paint on a nearby Aston Martin dealership. Police said 11 people were arrested for road obstruction and one on suspicion of criminal damage.

On Friday October 14, activists from Just Stop Oil threw tomato soup on Vincent van Gogh’s painting Sunflowers in the National Gallery in London.

The two activists, who later plastered themselves against a gallery wall, are now under arrest. The attack on the painting, which is covered by glass and is worth around £72.5m, took place on the 14th day of his current campaign and the images went viral on social media.

In a statement, Just Stop Oil said it is “calling on the government to commit to an immediate halt to new oil and gas licensing in the UK and for directors, employees and members of arts institutions to join the Just Stop Oil coalition.” Stop Oil in a peaceful civil process. endurance”.

On Thursday 6 October, the Metropolitan Police arrested 32 people at a Just Stop Oil protest in central London. The protesters had stuck to the road at the top of Whitehall, near Trafalgar Square.

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