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What is the CIPA number you need for the self-appointment of the vaccine in Madrid?

The Community of Madrid launched the self-citation system to be vaccinated against the coronavirus on May 26. Since then the platform has handled almost 700,000 requests. In principle, it was opened to citizens between 57 and 67 years old and with the passing of the days the age threshold has been lowered progressively. This Monday, people between 38 and 39 years old have been included and since this Thursday, July 1, 2021, those between 35 and 37 years old. To request a self-appointment in the Community of Madrid, you only need a telephone or a computer with an Internet connection and your CIPA number .

CIPA number for self-citation in the Community of Madrid

CIPA is the acronym for the Autonomous Personal Identification Code . It is a number that appears on the health cards of the citizens of the Community of Madrid.

To use the self-appointment system you have to know what your CIPA is, and for this you simply have to look at your health card. The number is located in the upper center half or in the upper right half, depending on the age of the card.

The CIPA is made up of 10 digits and, like the DNI, is unique for each user of the Madrid Health Service.

How to request the self-appointment of the vaccine in Madrid step by step

  1. Access the website of the Community of Madrid .
  2. Enter the CIPA and your date of birth .
  3. The system will automatically start to check if you are registered in the Madrid Health System . Then, it will identify what age range you belong to and if you can request a self-appointment to get vaccinated against Covid-19.
  4. The program will show you the centers where you can go to get vaccinated , as well as the days and hours available in each of them.
  5. Choose the option that best suits you and, once you do, you will receive an SMS with a verification code confirming the appointment.
  6. The day before the vaccination you will receive a message on your phone reminding you of the place and time of the appointment. The message will include a QR code that you will have to use to access the vaccination point .

At the moment you can choose between 36 vaccination points distributed by the Community of Madrid : 29 public hospitals, four health centers, the WiZink Center, the Isabel Zendal Nurse Hospital and the Wanda Metropolitano stadium.

From this Thursday the WiZink Center and the Hospital Nurse Isabel Zendal will vaccinate 24 hours a day .

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