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Where is the James Webb? Follow your trip in real time thanks to this website

Following its launch from French Guiana, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is cruising through space en route to its cosmic parking spot 1.5 million kilometers from Earth at Lagrange point L2.

The most powerful space telescope in history

The space telescope will take almost a month to complete the orbital insertion for which NASA has a detailed plan to deploy the entire telescope in about two weeks and orbit in a month. However, the process involves hundreds of individual human-controlled implementations , so a team of engineers will remotely control a complex sequence of commands until the entire conglomerate of steps is complete.

While on its historic journey to Lagrange 2, the US space agency has created a data-driven page called “Where's Webb? ” showing the status of the James Webb Special Telescope – the largest and most powerful space telescope ever launched – on its journey to L2 orbit. You can find things like distance from Earth, distance to home orbit, progress percentage, current speed, temperature, and much more.

Webb made his first and largest course correction on Saturday, December 25, after his launch into space. The third will occur on the 29th to enter its final orbit around the L2 point.

The telescope continues to move away from Earth and prepares for observations in the coming months.

SpaceX satellites are already a problem for telescopes

Starlink, SpaceX's Internet connectivity constellation, is wreaking havoc on scientific research.

Successfully transplant two pig kidneys into a human

This experiment, which has been carried out on a brain-dead patient, paves the way for the use of animal organs for human transplants.

They manage, in mice, to kill HIV-infected cells

The new method could lead to the possibility of reducing the amount of virus or even removing it from humans.

The sixth mass extinction has already begun

The history of life on Earth has been marked by five events of mass extinction of biodiversity.

They create the most detailed 3D map of the universe and it is spectacular

The map, under construction, now includes 7.5 million galaxies. When complete, it will contain information from 35 million galaxies.