NewsXavier Naidoo and Attila Hildmann: Corona deniers and liars?

Xavier Naidoo and Attila Hildmann: Corona deniers and liars?

VIP corona deniers: Vegan chef Attila Hildmann and singer Xavier Naidoo doubt the corona virus. How do stars like Til Schweiger and Sido feel about the virus?

  • Coronavirus-Sars-Cov-2*: Xavier Naidoo strikes again.
  • Solidarity with Attila Hildmann: conspiracy theorists among themselves.
  • Not an isolated case : Hamburger Til Schweiger* and German rapper Sido also criticized .

Mannheim /Hamburg – Once known as a soul bard , the name Xavier Naidoo is only associated with confused statements and crude conspiracy theories . Especially in times of Coronavirus-Sars-Cov-2 , the native of Mannheim attracts attention with controversial statements and views. The most recent example : His Flat Earth theories and his solidary taking sides with scandal chef Attila Hildmann , who is currently having to deal with a sweet cake protest in Berlin*.

Xavier Naidoo and Coronavirus-Sars-Cov-2: conspiracy theorist starts again

The preferred news service of the two is Telegram and in this specific case also serves as a platform for the transmission of more than daring theories. On Saturday, May 23, 2020 , Naidoo sent messages every minute that probably left nothing to be desired among supporters of conspiracy theories .

Singer: Xavier Naidoo
Born: 2 October 1971 (age 48), Mannheim
Size: 1.76 m
Albums: Out of this world, there and away
Parents: Eugene Naidoo, Rausammy Naidoo

Whether Flat Earth theories , “help” for Judaism or world conspiracies and politics in general – the 48-year-old covers everything. Everything begins with the statement that Mannheim’s son does not consider the earth to be a globe and therefore not round. A Flat Earther opinion intended to portray him as a misunderstood visionary and prophet of the Galileo Galilei brand.

“Ten years ago I said: The German Reich needs a peace treaty. Now I say: The earth is not a globe. The truth never goes down so well. Cognitive dissonance. I’m patient,” the singer said. But that’s not all. Less than five minutes pass before Naidoo opens the next barrel. The theme this time is World Jewry .

Singer Xavier Naidoo: Confused statements about Judaism

“Jews of the World, don’t make the same mistakes as Angela Merkel. Know when the gig is over,” says the southern German . A statement accompanied by a heart emoji. A few posts are then cheerfully shared before “disk earth” is back on the agenda – in combination with religion .

“Christians who believe in a globe are reading the Bible at the wrong end,” writes Naidoo – of course with a heart symbol. It also says: “Jews are not Judah/Judeans, but I love them”. This needs an explanation. But the singer also has that ready: “I told my Jewish promoter, Marek Lieberberg [promoter of Rock am Ring and Rock im Park; Editor’s note], voiced my opinion 2 years ago, we still appreciate and respect each other. The Jews are not the evil of mankind. It’s the Jesuits.”

Conspiracy theorists among themselves: singer Naidoo stands by author Attila Hildmann

And Naidoo also shows solidarity with the conspiracy theorist and cook Attila Hildmann , who has similarly debatable views as the singer and was once again arrested by the police . knows how to report on this.* Hildmann regularly distributes absurd posts* in his Telegram group and even wants to found an Attila Hildmann party there*. So it’s only partially surprising that Mannheim’s Naidoo shares a post from Berlin’s Hildmann , in which he explains that if he died prematurely, murder would have to be expected.

Sänger Xavier Naidoo, in die Kamera schauend, trägt eine Baskenmütze sowie eine Sonnenbrille und zeigt mit seinen Fingern die Zahl drei an.


Thick sunglasses, beret – the trademarks of Xavier Naidoo are unmistakable. In the meantime, this also includes the conspiracy theories of the singer.

But politics is not forgotten either. “Never again parties,” the 48-year-old clarifies his opinion unequivocally – provided with puke emoji and the hashtag “#OneLove” . Not the first time that Xavier Naidoo is noticed in a negative way. He denies the coronavirus Sars-Cov-2 and keeps calling for hate speech with his videos .* Defaming politicians and criticizing German refugee policy are among his favorite activities. Together, Xavier Naidoo and Attila Hildmann also predicted the demolition of the Brokdorf nuclear power plant*. It was a nuclear attack by the federal government.

TV star Til Schweiger and German rapper Sido: Welcome to the Corona Club

In addition to the already mentioned Hildmann and Naidoo , there are other prominent names in the constantly growing club of Coronavirus Sars Cov 2 critics . Above all TV star Til Schweiger , Coronavirus Sars-Cov-2 cynic against his will. Sometimes he goes for general criticism * sometimes he’s on vacation on Sylt *, without paying particular attention to the rules. But such blatant actions as Attila Hildmann’s attack on journalists in Berlin* did not happen with Schweiger.

And German rapper Sido can now also fit into this “illustre” group. First he gave the conspiracy theorist * online, then the Berliner attacked a camera team from the “Bild” newspaper * that wanted to ask him about his views. After all: he certainly has the encouragement of the TV presenters Jan Böhmermann and Hamburger Olli Schulz *. However, he lost his job at ProSieben*. YouTuber Mois , who has an online feud with gangster rapper Bushido , also receives support of this kind. German rapper Manuellsen is on the side of the streamer and considers the Berliner to be “worse than Hitler ”*. Most recently, Wendler also confessed to being a coronavirus conspirator. // Source: * nordbuzz and are part of the Ippen-Digital network.

List of rubrics: © Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/dpa/picture alliance

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