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YouTube demonstrates its great potential to grow brands

YouTube has more influence than you might expect when people make purchasing decisions.

The way Mexicans watch television has changed substantially. With the growth of so-called connected TV’s, both the type of content and the time they spend on it are an example of the evolution of entertainment, and it is a clear protagonist. A sample of them is that in Mexico, more than 30 million people watched YouTube from their televisions in May 2022.

According to a survey carried out by Ipsos, online video users in Mexico declare that YouTube is the #1 platform in delivering relevant content, showing a significant difference when compared to other video platforms.

For this reason, and according to the aforementioned survey, the audience of online videos in Mexico declare that advertising in videos makes them more likely to consider a brand or a product, according to Ipsos.

The big window for advertisers

Whether you want to improve brand awareness or create a call to action, mixing and matching the various tools available to accomplish your goals can be complex.

To simplify this process, we have video reach campaigns that, instead of managing separate campaigns, automatically choose the most efficient ad format (such as bumper ads, skippable in-stream ads, etc.) to improve brand awareness or reach for the lowest price.

Videos are useful for staying top of mind with consumers, capturing demand, and reaching out to new customers, but their purpose is to connect users with the story brands want—and need—to tell.

In addition, they are powerful tools that we have when captivating an audience. We see how brands use them with the aim of creating reflections and, as if they were movie trailers, they rely on approaches where the narrative of a story occupies the first place.

Brands beyond entertainment are creating new genres, with an unprecedented increase in product reviews, demos and narrative pieces.

Ads have a clear “attention window,” opportunities where advertisers can either gain or lose the audience’s attention.

Learn to play with the machine

How to build an engine that is partially automated, video-focused, data-rich, but at the same time protects users’ privacy, is goal-focused and creative-driven?

The task of agile brands will be to deal with the complexity that comes with the demands of time, cost and competitive values. Finding audiences, segmenting, scaling, and choosing the right formats and the best ideas will become increasingly automated, freeing up the people behind those tasks to focus on more complex creative work.

Brands must get the most out of each campaign by aligning each configuration of resources with a specific objective.

Creatives will be able to produce longer, richer stories that move and persuade. But in order to get these stories in front of people, brands will need to approach their ad campaigns as if they were Formula One drivers, deftly driving powerful machines. While there will always be a place for emotional storytelling, it will be ads that get brands there. Brands must play with the machine.

Doing this successfully means refining creative techniques. Most brands know the ABCs of YouTube well, but they could be doing a lot more than that.

Nielsen identified a 30% sales lift associated with broadly following these ground rules, but less than 30% of assets are aligned with these principles.4 If we multiply this by our average budget, we see that there are a lot of available value.

Instead of investing in sporadic experimentation that sees the platform as rigid, brands should get the most out of each campaign by aligning each asset configuration with a specific goal. The most advanced ones rest on structural improvements: monitoring and experimentation at scale, integration of means and creativity, and planning based on objectives. With each new release, they optimize and scale according to the results obtained.

Marketing teams should not fear the complexities of a scenario that is reformulated according to the interests, questions, aspirations and desires of millions of people. They are ready to be reached. Armed with the knowledge of how best to deliver diverse messages to those who are most receptive, brands can marry creativity and media to unlock the full potential of both.

No matter how big it is or how different the profiles that make it up are, nor does it matter what the objective of the campaign is, on YouTube you will find a perfect tool to reach it through video in a relevant, efficient and memorable way.

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