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YouTube is testing don't watch these videos unless you pay

Some users in the United States have reported that in the last two weeks they have not been able to play videos in 2160p resolution on YouTube, because the platform tells them that they must have a Premium subscription.

After several reports on social networks, the Alphabet company indicated that it was doing some tests.

“It sounds like you are part of our experiment to better understand the feature preferences of Premium and non-Premium viewers. If you have more ideas in mind, you can share them so we can make improvements”, says the company.

However, it is not clear if this type of tests will become a reality soon, or if they will reach the Mexican market. Until now, YouTube told Expansión that “at the moment we have nothing to share, if something changes we will let you know.”

A subscription to YouTube Premium costs 11.99 dollars in the United States, while in Mexico the price varies according to the plan you have, but the average is 119 pesos per month.

So far the service grants access to YouTube Music Premium, as well as in-app downloads, background playback, and most importantly, ad-free viewing.

According to a report, the platform had around 2.24 billion global users in 2021, of which only around 50 million were Premium and Music subscribers. However, it is relevant that you put this restriction, since there are more and more televisions with 4K resolution and according to what was presented on Bradcast, in Mexico it has 70% more viewers on all screens compared to last year.

In fact, more than 30 million people followed the content on television in the country, that is, one in four Mexicans. “Thanks to this, it is the platform with the greatest reach on television screens, a device that is updated day by day in homes and TV rooms,” the company pointed out in Brandcast.

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