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10 words from other languages that do not have a Spanish translation

Although it is difficult to quantify it exactly, according to data from the magazine ‘Ethnologue’ in the world there are about 7,097 languages, of which 90% are spoken by less than 100,000 people. The most widely spoken language is Mandarin Chinese, with 873 million people having it as their first language. Well, in almost all languages there are some words that do not have a Spanish translation.

Arigata-meiwaku – Japonés

It is a word that is used to define the situation in which someone does something for us that we did not want them to do , but in doing so, we end up thanking them.

Nunchi – Coreano

Describes the ability to know how to read other people’s moods .

Mr. Po’o – Hwaiano

It is what the act of scratching the head is called, not because it itches, but trying to remember something .

Change of scenery – Francés

Although it has no translation, it is a very easy French word to define and understand. It is about the feeling of not being in the country where one belongs . It is something similar to “uprooting”

Member – Tshiluba

A very famous word for not having a translation into any language. Tshiluba speakers in southwestern Congo use it to refer to the “height of morale” of a person who can forget and personify a first offense , tolerate it a second time, but cannot forgive or tolerate the third offense.

Iktsuarpok – Inuit

The translation of this word typical of the Eskimos is something like “go out to see if someone is coming.”

Pochemuchka – Ruso

This is one of the most curious words in the world. It is a term used to name a person who asks too many questions .

In love – Norway

A very beautiful word in Norwegian, used to describe the emotion that one feels in the first crush .

Backpfeifengesicht – German

This German word, one of the most difficult to pronounce for foreigners, refers to saying that a face urgently needs a punch .

Glas-wen – Welsh

The literal meaning is “blue smile”, and refers to the mocking smiles that are made to a person by way of contempt.

These are some of the words that do not have a Spanish translation .

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