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"100 thousand poets for change": a collective poem for democracy in Colombia

Poets, musicians and video artists can still participate in this call that closes on May 14 and invites you to weave a great poem with voices from around the world in the name of life and democracy in Colombia.

“100 Thousand Poets for Change” is a movement that was born 10 years ago and has convened five thousand events around the world for peace, justice and sustainability.

This movement seeks to unite from poetry, performance and art to the demonstrations and requests of the National Strike of Colombia, in addition to showing solidarity with the families of those who have lost their lives or have disappeared in the country during the last two weeks.

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The initiative proposes to weave a great poem with voices from around the world in defense of life and democracy in Colombia. Those interested can participate with poems of their own authorship in one of the two modalities of the call: Exquisite Fabric and Open Microphone , in the categories Poem, Video poem and Poetic Acts. In the first modality, participants must send a poem through a video and, if they so decide, at the end mention the name of any of the disappeared previously agreed with the organization of the day. In the second, the microphone will be opened for those who want to read one or two poems live, registering in advance.

The Mexican artist and activist Lia Lía García, the Venezuelan poet and performer Érika Ordosgoitti and the Colombian artists and writers Andrés Galeano, Erik Arellana, Giuseppe Caputo and Tina Pit will participate in this event that will take place on Sunday, May 16, starting at 5 pm on the movement’s social networks. Together with them, those selected from the open call will be presented.

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“We believe in the transformative power of the word. The verses are the vehicle of catharsis, denunciation and the seed of love. Therefore, taking into account that the political and social situation in Colombia requires urgent and immediate actions, we call on all poets of the world to join this great poetic mobilization for respect for life, a more just and equitable country. , and for the right that the protest does not cost us our lives. Where hatred clouds, our verses illuminate ”, communicated the group of artists who convened this event.

The movement “100 Thousand Poets for Change” was born in 2011 at the initiative of the poets Michael Rottenberg and Terri Carrión. In the last 10 years and around the world, more than five thousand poetry, art and music meetings have been organized for peace, justice and sustainability that advocate for change from different local concerns.

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People who are interested in participating will be able to find more information on the movement’s social networks.

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