Fun4 Halloween poems to recite with children

4 Halloween poems to recite with children

Halloween is one of the most successful celebrations in our country in recent years, the perfect occasion to experience a terrifying and fun night. Today we bring you some Halloween poems that are perfect to recite with children and that feel much more integrated into that special night.

On the night of October 31, Halloween is celebrated, a tradition that was born in Ireland but is best known for its success in the United States, from where we have seen it in many series and movies. Although it is related to terror, the truth is that it is suitable for all audiences and children have a great time.

Halloween poems for kids


It’s the end of summer

and the harvest ends

is the soul that hallucinates

to the distant spirit.

Return of the dead

without a doubt it has to happen

the graves have to be broken

It is the sure thing, the certain thing.

The black of dark night

sunrise orange

will shatter his power

the house will be safe.

Sweets and food

will provoke your attention

it is a celebration of illusion

daring celebration.


The ghost


This is the story

of the fair ghost

that every night

he dies of fright.

Live the poor thing

in a subway

among some spiders

raised for years.

As soon as it gets dark

groans in dread:

Will he come tonight?

What a scare! How awful!

At twelve o’clock

Luis Vampiro arrives

I came to accompany you

they are very friends.

Tell me, little ghost!

What scares you?

Ask the mummy

from your corner.

The little ghost cries

gushing fog

and then whisper:

I’m afraid of mice!


Miss witch

To be a precious witch

you must always smell garlic,

have a greenish face

and the hairs of scourer.

Being bony and long eared

and shine on the nose

a hairy wart

long as a worm.

Have only one tooth

and a colossal hump.

Speak in a shrill voice

and lean on a broom.

If in addition to all this

you always dress in dark

and you live in an unhealthy place,

you’ll be Miss Witch, for sure.


Among the pumpkins

Among the pumpkins

eyes on fire

reflected in the embers

the black of the sky.

Oh disguise!

you hide behind

of that mask

in gray presence

night glow

you hide your presence

agitated in a murmur …

They dance on your pupils


the mysterious pendulums

marking twelve.

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