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12-year-old with Audi on bizarre crash drive in the middle of the night

Created: 09/07/2022, 2:58 p.m

A blue light shines under the windscreen of a police vehicle (symbolic photo). © Lino Mirgeler/dpa/symbol picture

What were the guys thinking? First the Audi crashed into a crash barrier, then into a Mercedes. However, the adventurous jaunt was not over yet.

Dortmund – It sounds like a scene from a popular video game, where the player can steal cars at random and spread chaos: A twelve-year-old is said to have caused two accidents with four other boys with a stolen Audi in Dortmund. In the night of Wednesday, the twelve-year-old was traveling with his buddies on the Hafenbahnautobahn, then there was a crash.

Dortmund: Twelve-year-old loses control of Audi and builds two accidents

“Presumably as a result of excessive speed, a 12-year-old (in words: twelve) driver of an Audi lost control of the car with five children and adolescents (12 to 15 years) on the port motorway in Dortmund on Wednesday night (September 7th, 2022). occupied car,” said the Dortmund police on Wednesday.

Hollywood-ready scenes in Dortmund: Five boys jump out of a moving Audi

At around 1:50 a.m., the Audi first crashed into the crash barrier in the middle of the lane in the direction of Dortmund and then into a Mercedes. The troop then fled in the Audi through side streets. The five jumped out of the moving car and ran in different directions. However, the Audi continued to roll and crashed into a BMW X6.

The Mercedes driver (20) had followed the Audi after the first accident. During the journey, he kept informing the police of his position. A police patrol team was able to locate two of the five children and they were handed over to their parents. The 12-year-old suspected driver has not yet been arrested, but according to a police spokesman, investigators know his identity.

According to the police, the stolen car is registered in Salzgitter. It was initially unclear whether there was a connection to the Dortmund boys and why the five chose this car. Damage to the car was around 4,000 euros. The Kripo determined because of driving without a license and the suspicion of particularly serious theft. (ml/dpa)

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