News29-year-old in custody after being shot in Hamburg

29-year-old in custody after being shot in Hamburg

Successful investigation by the police: A 29-year-old is said to have fired shots in downtown Hamburg on Friday. He is now in custody. Could the shots be related to a lawsuit?

Hamburg – After shooting in Hamburg, a 29-year-old alleged perpetrator is in custody. The man was urgently suspect, the police said on Saturday.

At the request of the public prosecutor’s office, an arrest warrant was issued for attempted manslaughter, dangerous bodily harm and violation of the weapons law. Witnesses had reported shots on the outskirts of the city center on Friday morning. The police said on Friday that a person was probably injured in the leg. The victim was gone.

The investigators thought the 29-year-old was the shooter from Friday, it said. In the course of the evening he presented himself to the police headquarters after being announced by his lawyer. He was then provisionally arrested and brought before a judge on Saturday afternoon.

“The investigative authorities are still working flat out to clear up the background,” said the message on Saturday. The police initially gave no information about media reports that the incident could be in connection with a trial at the regional court. This will be checked.

According to the information, several witnesses reported to the police during the investigation by the public prosecutor and homicide squad on Friday afternoon who were able to provide information about the course of the crime. However, due to the ongoing investigations, no further information could be given.

The 29-year-old was quickly in the focus of the investigators, it said. He initially gave no information about the crime to the investigators. According to the information, possible evidence was secured in his apartment in Barmbek-Nord. dpa

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