News3G rule: bus drivers and train attendants only check...

3G rule: bus drivers and train attendants only check under certain conditions

Because of the corona situation, the 3G rule has been in effect on buses and trains since Wednesday. But as a sample of our newspaper shows, compliance is hardly checked.

Fulda – The regional express to Frankfurt seems to have mutated into a ghost train. Because the number of passengers has decreased even further with the entry into force of the 3G rule. This rule should actually be checked since Wednesday, especially since the Corona * rule is indicated on the digital display boards on the train, at the central bus station (ZOB) in Fulda * and at bus stops. reveals why conductors and bus drivers do not always manage to check on 3G. *

At least one train attendant refers to the 3G rule on the regional train during his loudspeaker announcement. He explains that the current rule will temporarily apply until December 7th. By the way, seminars on the correct review of the 3G rules are not in prospect for the train crew until then, explains the conductor in the conversation. Even in the five buses, the bus drivers or the public order office did not check whether the passengers had been vaccinated, recovered or tested. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA .

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