Fun5 curiosities of Castilla y León that will surprise...

5 curiosities of Castilla y León that will surprise you

Castilla y León is an autonomous community that acquired its status in 1983. Located in the north of the plateau of the Iberian Peninsula, it is made up of nine provinces: Soria, Segovia, Zamora, Valladolid, Palencia, Salamanca, Burgos, León and Avila. Below we have selected some curiosities of Castilla y León .

The disasters of the Alcázar of Segovia

The Alcázar of Segovia is one of the most visited monuments in Castilla y León . Although today it looks majestic, it has suffered many misfortunes throughout history.

After a battle between the Alcázar and the Cathedral in the War of the Communards, the building was seriously damaged. A century later, in July 1681, the Torre del Homenaje disappeared in a fierce fire . Finally, in March 1862, another fire left it in ruins.

Larger community

Castilla y León is the largest autonomous community in all of Spain with an area of 94,226 square kilometers . Despite this, it is the sixth region in terms of inhabitants, with 2,408 million.

Heritage of the Catholic Church

It is of special interest to know that Castilla y León concentrates around 50% of all the heritage that the Catholic Church has in Spain . Some of the most important religious temples in the community are the following:

  • León Cathedral: it is one of the most impressive Gothic cathedrals in the world. Its origin dates back to the 13th century.
  • Burgos Cathedral: declared a World Heritage Site, it was built in the 13th century on the remains of an old Romanesque cathedral.
  • Segovia Cathedral: it mixes Gothic and classical elements, and houses one of the tallest towers in Spain, 110 meters high.

The depopulation of Soria

Soria is one of the provinces of Castilla y León. It is the least populated Spanish province, with a density of just 8.60 inhabitants per square kilometer , while the Spanish average is 94 inhabitants per square kilometer.

The province has 88,636 inhabitants, of which 44.44% live in the capital Soria . It has 183 municipalities, of which 116 have less than 100 inhabitants.

The arches and balconies of the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca

Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor was built in the first half of the 18th century in the Baroque style. It is currently a Site of Cultural Interest . If there is something that draws a lot of attention about it, it is the large number of arches and balconies it has: a total of 88 arches and nothing more and nothing less than 477 balconies.

Which of the curiosities of Castilla y León did you find the most interesting?