Fun5 tips to grow hair faster without using chemicals

5 tips to grow hair faster without using chemicals

If you want to grow your hair while taking care of it and enhancing its shine, you should know that there are some natural products that offer fantastic results, such as onion or egg. With ingredients that we all have in the kitchen you can make your hair grow at full speed and stay healthy at any time of the year. Take note!


Onion is one of the best natural ingredients for hair care, which is why onion shampoos and conditioners are more fashionable than ever. Onion is high in sulfur , so it is ideal for stimulating blood flow to the scalp and oxygenating the root. It also provides a large number of nutrients for hair to grow healthy and strong.

Olive oil

Olive oil has been used since ancient times for skin and hair care. It has many properties for the hair because it nourishes and hydrates it in depth, something essential for it to grow healthy and strong . It’s as simple as applying it once a week to dry hair, letting it act for half an hour, rinsing, and washing your hair as usual.


The egg has everything to make hair look healthy. It is a very rich source of protein, so it prevents hair from weakening and breaking , while adding density and thickness. It is wonderful for hair to grow fast thanks to biotin. It also adds a lot of softness and shine to the mane.

Daily brushing

Daily brushing is key, as important as any home remedy. To prevent hair from weakening and breaking , you have to choose a brush suitable for your hair type and, of course, brush it carefully about three times a day. Start from the bottom up, untangling the ends first and then the area near the root.

Cut the ends

Although it seems illogical, there is nothing more effective to grow hair than cutting the ends. It must be done so that the hair is healthy and recovers all its vitality and strength . Ideally, go to the hairdresser regularly to cut a few inches.

These are the best tips to keep in mind so that hair grows not only fast, but also healthy and strong .

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