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5 ways to know if your Wi-Fi is being stolen

Do you think your Wi-Fi is being stolen? Do you notice that the connection is slower than normal? Although lately we all use the wireless internet connection from coffee shops, hotels or libraries, the truth is that the theft of Wi-Fi in homes is the order of the day given the ease with which this exchange can take place. desired Wi-Fi.

Noticing that the connection slows down is an indicator that our Wi-Fi could be stolen, but it is not the only one:

Router light is on and blinking

If we are at home, the easiest way to find out if someone unauthorized is using our connection is by checking the lights on the router. We have to turn off all our wireless devices and, once done, see if the indicator light on the router is still on. If so, you already know that someone is connected to your Wi-Fi.

Check the IP addresses

Another way to know if our Wi-Fi is stolen is by logging into the router’s administration panel by typing our IP address directly into the browser (address normally present on a label on the router itself). Once connected, check if there is a section called “connected devices” or “device list” and you will see a list of IP addresses currently using the connection. If you discover an IP address other than yours … someone is accessing your Wi-Fi network.

Network security settings

If you discover that they are connecting to your Wi-Fi, it is probably because your network security settings are low. So that it does not happen again, the first thing to do is add a new password for the network, but a password much more complex than the existing one, to avoid being an easy victim for Wi-Fi thieves. Every time someone tries to access the network, they will have to supply this new password before they can use it. If we want to be even more secure, a tip – although not very comfortable – would be to change this password once a month.


Use IP tracking software

There are many software tools that allow us to monitor our Wi-Fi and quickly discover if they are misusing our connection. One of the most popular is MoocherHunter. It is able to identify the location of our “wireless log” by the traffic it sends through the network. It will also allow us to dissuade them from their attitude if they know we can track them down.


Always use your connection

The simplest and safest way to protect your wireless devices from computer intruders when you are away from home is to take your own Wi-Fi with you wherever you go, either by adding 4G to your mobile device (creating a mobile network using your home connection and using a VPN on the mobile to be able to navigate) or the more traditional way, disconnecting the network completely when we are going to be away from home for a trip or for an indefinite period of time to avoid becoming an “easy prey”.



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