FunA 9-year-old boy nearly died from a TikTok challenge

A 9-year-old boy nearly died from a TikTok challenge

Practically every day new challenges arise in social networks and, although the vast majority of them are fun, there are other very dangerous with which it is important to be careful. Parents must have a tight control of the content that their children see since it is the children who are most at risk. At the end of 2020 we told how a girl of just four years old was about to die by hanging by a challenge that had gone viral. Now the protagonist is Jack McGeoch, a 9-year-old boy who has also been on the verge of death after doing the challenge of the TikTok magnets .

It has been the mother of Jack McGeoch who has wanted to publicly denounce what has happened to her 9-year-old son so that other parents are very careful and do not have to go through the same thing. The little boy is a big fan of TikTok and one day he saw a video of someone doing the magnet challenge, so he wanted to imitate him.

Within hours he began to complain of severe abdominal pain and vomiting , so his mother took him to the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. There the doctors did an ultrasound and found that there was something that was blocking his intestine, as the mother has explained to the ‘DailyMail’. After the halal hit, Jack McGeoch confessed that he had swallowed magnets.

Health professionals warned that the child’s life was in danger from the TikTok challenge as the magnets were stuck to the intestinal wall. They operated on him urgently to save his life, but had to remove his small intestine, 30 centimeters of the large intestine and the appendix.

TikTok Magnet Challenge

But what exactly is the magnet challenge? It involves putting a magnet and a magnetic ball between the tongue to simulate having a piercing . However, being small objects, many people who do the challenge end up swallowing them, putting their health in serious danger.

From the National Health Service (NHS) they warn that, if a person swallows more than one magnet or a magnet with a metal object, they can be attracted from different parts of the intestines. Compression of the intestinal tissue can cause perforation of the intestines and necrosis in a matter of hours .

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