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A boy with cancer from Karlsruhe dedicated a courage-mach song to his mother shortly before his death

Created: 10/16/2022, 4:16 p.m

It brings tears. Knowing that his life will be defined by bone cancer, Milas stands at the microphone alongside rapper Mr.Eist33 – and sings for his mother to find courage.

Karlsruhe – “Hello, I’m Milas, I’m thirteen years old and my favorite color is blue.” It’s sad. sad-beautiful. Full of confidence in his voice, the boy from Karlsruhe introduces himself at the beginning of “In meine Baumhaus”, a song for his mother. A song that should give her courage for the time when Milas is no more. “My illness is Ewing’s sarcoma and it’s cancer of the bones,” the boy says.

Boy with cancer raps mother’s own courage-mach song “In my tree house”

“I’ll be sitting in my dream house at some point, high up in the clouds in my tree house. Send yourself rainbows, because then you smile”, are some of the touching lines of the song “In my tree house”. Torsten Kreb from the youth center in Schifferstadt (Rhineland-Palatinate) had discussed with Milas what should fill the song before he wrote it.

It was also Kreb who brought Milas into contact with rapper Mr.EisT33, with whom the 13-year-old, who had bone cancer, recorded the song. Radio stations RPR1 and Radio Regenbogen finally played the song during prime time on Wednesday morning (October 12, 2022).

Then on Saturday (October 15, 2022) the announcement: In the night after his 14th birthday, young Milas died and, as Kreb put it, is now on his way to his tree house. For Milas, this is heaven, in which he meets all the people who died before him, they said. While Milas has left the physical world, “In meine Baumhaus” stays for comfort and shows in the first few lines how brave and loving the boy was: “Don’t be sad when I’m gone – rather be happy that I’m gone.” I’m just there now.” The song is available on the Spotify and YouTube Music streaming services, where it has been heard thousands of times. The proceeds will go to cancer research.

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