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A dose of Johnson & Johnson is enough now: the court decides – the vaccination status remains complete

People who have been vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson officially continue to have full vaccination protection. A court has now decided that. The duration of the recovered status also remains at six months.

Hamburg – Vaccination with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is still sufficient for full vaccination protection. The administrative court in Berlin has upheld a woman who had complained about the change in the ordinance by the Paul Ehrlich Institute, according to which people who have received a dose from Johnson & Johnson are no longer considered to be fully vaccinated. reveals here why the court considers the change in the immunization status by the Paul Ehrlich Institute to be unlawful.

According to a statement from the court, the institute, as the higher federal authority, is not entitled to make this decision. Only the federal government can change the immunization status after the authorization to issue ordinances in the Infection Protection Act. The court also declared the reduction of the recovered status from six to three months by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) to be unlawful. In both cases, main proceedings are still pending.

In Hamburg, the shortening of the recovered status was reversed at the beginning of the week for the same reasons. In the Hanseatic city, however, a triple vaccination is still recommended when it comes to vaccination. According to the Stiko, people who have been vaccinated against Johnson & Johnson only have the status of a booster vaccination with a cross-vaccination of two additional mRNA vaccines. Two vaccinations are intended to ensure “optimization of the basic immunization”. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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