FunA drug dealer accidentally calls the police in his...

A drug dealer accidentally calls the police in his sleep, and is arrested

Practically every day we hear stories in which reality is stranger than fiction, but what happened this week in Germany has surprised everyone. The events took place in Waldbröl, a town in the west of the country. A drug dealer fell asleep with his mobile phone in his hand, with the “bad luck” that he accidentally called the police . The agents were surprised after receiving several calls in which only the snoring of a man could be heard.

Finally, they sent a patrol to the home to check that everything was okay . When they arrived, there was a knock on the door and a man opened it, very surprised that the police officers were at his home.

The attitude of the man who opened the door was very suspicious and, in addition, there was a strong smell of marijuana , so they proceeded to search the house. Officers found several ecstasy pills, fine scales, cannabis, large amounts of cocaine and amphetamine, and lots of cash.

The man and another resident of the house were arrested , although both complained that neither had called the police. However, the agents showed that there were several calls from the home in the file: the drug dealer had fallen asleep with the phone in his hand and had accidentally called the police.

Both remain in provisional detention while the police continue their investigation. It is not a small amount. Both men are suspected of trafficking, “ explains the agent in charge of the case.

Waldbröl is a municipality of about 19,000 inhabitants located in the Cologne region . It is sure that the neighbors of the detainees take a long time to forget what happened.

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