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A few things will soon change at the doctor and pharmacy: You have to take this into account from September 1st

Created: 09/05/2022 09:42 am

Something changes when you visit the doctor in September. © Sebastian Kahnert / dpa

From September 1st, 2022 there will be changes when visiting a doctor: Among other things, there will be an innovation in the e-prescription.

Frankfurt – After a long back and forth, a new nationwide start date for the electronic prescription has now been set. From September 1, 2022, the e-prescription is to replace paper. Consumers will then be able to get their medicines in pharmacies with a QR code on their smartphone or electronic health card.

From September 1, 2022, the e-prescription should finally be valid across the board. However, electronic equipment is still a prerequisite. Medical practices, clinics and pharmacies must have the necessary software updates in their management systems in order to be able to issue or process electronic prescriptions.

E-prescription: Technical systems were not yet available across the board

The official app, with which prescriptions can be imported and redeemed via scan, was already available free of charge in the Apple and Google app stores some time ago. Because the e-prescription was actually supposed to be introduced at the beginning of 2022, but at that time the necessary technical systems were not yet available across the board. That was the result of a pilot test with around 50 medical practices and 120 pharmacies in Berlin and Brandenburg. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) stopped the project for the time being.

Ein Mann mit seinem Handy in der Hand wird in einer Apotheke von einer Apothekerin bedient. Nach einer langen Hängepartie haben sich Vertreter des Gesundheitswesens auf die weiteren Schritte zur Einführung des E-Rezepts ab dem 1. September 2022 geeinigt.
The e-prescription will be valid in pharmacies from September 1, 2022. After a long stalemate, representatives of the healthcare sector have agreed on further steps towards the introduction. © Mohssen Assanimoghaddam/dpa

From September 1, 2022, pharmacies throughout Germany will be obliged to accept electronic prescriptions. However, the obligation to provide a digital prescription does not apply to doctors. A phased model is planned to start in 2023. According to the German Press Agency (dpa) , a pilot procedure is already to start in some medical practices and clinics in some federal states.

Changes in September: This is what consumers need to know about e-prescriptions

A lot will therefore change for consumers from September. In the future, prescriptions can be prescribed digitally. The special prescription code can be called up using the e-prescription app on the smartphone. This can be presented in person at the pharmacy or you can send it to have the medication delivered to you. Furthermore, an electronic health card with NFC function is required. This can be recognized by the six-digit access number under the Germany colors on the map. The PIN number of the card is also required to save the health card in the app on the smartphone. The PIN can be requested from the health insurance company.

From September, consumers will have various options for redeeming their e-prescriptions in pharmacies:

  • E-prescription app: Consumers receive the prescription as a QR code directly on their smartphone and can either redeem it personally in the pharmacy or send it to the pharmacy of their choice and have the medication delivered
  • Electronic health card: The prescription can also be called up at the pharmacy with the electronic health card
  • Paper printout: Instead of the previous prescription, consumers can receive a paper printout with the prescription code, which can be redeemed in the pharmacy

Consumers who do not have a smartphone will continue to receive the prescriptions in paper form. But instead of the usual pink slip, a paper printout with the recipe code will be issued in future. The blue prescription for privately insured people, on the other hand, should continue to exist as usual even after the introduction of the e-prescription. (Helena Gries)

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