FunA Galician village with sea views for sale for...

A Galician village with sea views for sale for 200,000 euros

The emptied Spain is a problem that has been suffered in our country for years. Some towns in Spain have been completely empty, so there are many examples in which advertisements have been published offering people a house and work so that they can repopulate some of those practically abandoned towns and it seems that one more is added to these after promoting the sale of a Galician village with sea views for 200,000 euros.

A Galician village with sea views for sale for 200,000 euros

Candelago, this is the name of the Galician village located in the center of the Costa da Morte that stands out for its views of great cliffs but is completely empty so that it is currently for sale for 200,000 euros.

The village that belongs to the municipality of Ponteceso (A Coruña), is made up of less than a dozen stone houses and granaries that seem to resist the passage of time despite the fact that the vegetation around them grows at times. A spectacular place without a doubt, but where no one lives unless someone remedies and pays the modest amount of money that is requested.

The enclave is truly impressive, being just over a kilometer from the port of Corme and also near the O Roncudo Lighthouse , which has a set of cliffs on which we can find some of the best barnacles in the world.

It is not the first time, however, that the village has tried to be “saved.” La Voz de Galicia reports that previously there was an attempt to turn the town into a complete rural tourism complex, but the idea fell on deaf ears and finally could not get ahead.

The “salvation” could be in being an Asset of Cultural Interest

At the moment no one has been interested in making an offer for the village whose salvation could also lie in the fact that it has some other element that could be declared BIC, that is, Asset of Cultural Interest. Specifically, a cross and a granary that apparently predate 1901 . Not an easy task, but documentation could be found in this regard and obtaining the BIC certification could generate interest.

On the other hand, from the council of Ponteceso, they alert people not to take stones or slabs, which are a historical part of the village that usually end up decorating gardens or patios.

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