NewsA girl?

A girl?

Oh what a princess! All those who announce that Schlager Queen Helene Fischer has become a mother rejoice.

Before we go into more detail about the “best news of the year”, as it is called by “Bild Live”, it should be emphasized once again: Many women give birth to children. Every day and everywhere. Around 2,300 boys and girls see the light of day in Germany every day. If you convert the figures from the Federal Statistical Office for July 2020, then six children will be born in the four minutes it takes to read this article. For some of these little beings the sun doesn’t shine that bright, others have already experienced several flashes of lightning before they said mom or dad for the first time.

After all, the little girl who – if we can believe the “Bild” newspaper – is said to have given birth to Helene Fischer around Christmas time in her house on the Ammersee, should be spared the aforementioned flashes of lightning for the time being. The 37-year-old has wrapped an extremely opaque veil around her private life for years, and the fact that her pregnancy was even made public in October of last year is due to the fact that there was apparently someone at the court of the Queen of German Schlager The veil had to be lifted.

No sewing box, nowhere

At the time, Helene Fischer responded with a long message to her fans on Instagram, in which she expressed her disappointment that there were “people close to me” who “shared personal information with the media”. In this way, “a message was revealed that we would have liked to keep a little private to ourselves”. The amazing thing about Fischer’s statement: The words pregnant, child or family happiness do not even appear in the text. But the news was in the world – and from then on all lenses were aimed at the queen’s stomach.

Anyone who had hoped that she would talk a bit out of the box when she appeared on “Wetten, dass ..?” In November was not only disappointed, but to a certain extent learned otherwise. Showmaster Thomas Gottschalk could purr and assert that he had to ask about her pregnancy, otherwise everyone would think he was a fool tomorrow: The singer smiled, thanked her for the congratulations – and then it was said: Show must go on! Even her backless outfit, which really hid the belly that everyone wanted to see, but also really in every pose, the tabloids had to admit somewhat contrite afterwards: “Skilfully concealed.”

But despite all the wrapping skills, it was only a matter of time before “the best news in the show world” (also Bild-Live) could be announced: “Helene finally mom!” And while some press agencies were still on Thursday hesitated to report the presumed birth, “Bild-Live” presenter Patricia Platiel, her colleague Kai Weise and “Bild” show boss Tanja May are already on the air and are all “breathless with baby happiness”.

In the euphoric group, there was a lot of reflection on “Mini-Helene” and speculation about how “the new mum” is doing after the birth. As can be read on the “” portal, “it was supposed to have been a home birth”, apparently an unknown procedure in the opinion of the editors, which is why they added: “So the delivery did not take place in a clinic”.

Baby happiness or not. Because the show always has to go on, the question naturally also arises: Will the singer give the concerts planned for summer? Tanja May is unconcerned: “Anyone who knows Helene knows: If she says she’ll be on stage in August, then she’ll be on stage in August.”

The most important question in the first few hours, however, was about the name. There were quite a few media outlets that tried to suggest the top 5 most popular girl names in 2021. Which is somehow touching, because anyone who knows Helene should assume that the queen of the German hit her princess is unlikely to give her princess any of the five most popular names. On the other hand, the choice shouldn’t be too exotic. So is it going to be a classic name honoring a beloved grandmother? Nobody in the “Bild” group wanted to commit themselves, but the question arose as to whether “the new dad” Thomas Seitel, who is also said to be the child’s father, can also have a say in the name?

We hope so now for the acrobat, who can now prove himself off the stage as Helene’s “rock solid”. Whatever the reason for the rumors about the possible birth of a girl in the Fischer house – one thing is certain: mothers are not freshly baked.

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