Tech UPTechnologyA laser can turn your brown eyes into blue

A laser can turn your brown eyes into blue

ojo-azul Gregg Homer, from Stroma Medical, based in California (USA), has developed a new laser technology that allows to change the color of the eyes from brown to blue . The new technology, which Homer has been working on for a decade, is called Lumineyes and it has a drawback: once applied, there is no going back.

People with brown eyes have a pigment called melanin on the front of the iris. In people with blue eyes, this pigment is absent in the front of the eye. Hence, Gregg Homer’s treatment is based on removing melanin from the front of the iris using laser . The procedure is completed in a record time of 20 seconds, although the blue color takes a few weeks to appear.

While few human clinical trials have been conducted so far, Homer predicts that the treatment could be available in three years in the United States, and in just a year and a half in other countries. Strome Medical has already conducted several surveys showing that at least 17% of people with dark eyes would change their color if the method is safe, effective and definitive.

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