FunA restaurant in Madrid wins the award for the...

A restaurant in Madrid wins the award for the "best paella in the world"

Where is the best paella in the world cooked? Many might say or think that it is obviously made in Valencia , but the truth is that the best paella dish that we can eat is cooked in Madrid . Specifically in the El Madrileño restaurant, which has just won the award for “Best Paella in the World” thanks to its chefs Óscar de la Fuente and Javier Hernández.

A restaurant in Madrid wins the award for the «best paella in the world»

The chefs of the restaurant El Madrileño de Guadarrama have been chosen by the jury of the 60 + 1 edition of the International Paella Valenciana Competition of Sueca (Valencia) as the chefs who make the best paella of all within a contest in which they have participated 40 chefs from around the world.

Last year, due to the pandemic, the Swedish International Contest of Valencian Paella, attached to the gastrotourism brand L’Exquisit Mediterrani, and with the collaboration of the Provincial Tourist Board, València Turisme, was suspended so this year it has celebrated its most anticipated edition.

Of course, for health reasons the celebration of the 2021 contest was moved from the station park (where it had been held in recent years) to the Cooperativa de Productores de Semillas de Arroz (Copsemar), where the first edition was held in 1961.

A prize of 2,500 euros for the winners

In addition to the recognition and distinction, El Madrileño has won a prize of 2,500 euros , while the second prize, of 1,500 euros, has been awarded to Pepi takeaway rice, from Alcàsser (Valencia).

The third prize of 1,000 euros went to the Tabick Lounge-Rice and Embers Restaurant, in Llombai (Valencia).

On the other hand, the El Trato Gastrobar Restaurant, in Madrid , has also won an award: the best paella cooked by a restaurant nationwide.

The best paella outside of Spain is cooked in the United States

The Sueca International Valencian Paella Competition has also distinguished the award for the best paella cooked by a restaurant in the Valencian Community assigned to the El Arroz de Mejillones Restaurant, in Benidorm (Alicante), while the best paella cooked by a Swedish restaurant It belongs to the Fernandet restaurant.

As for our most traditional dish cooked abroad, we have to say that El Coraloense Restaurant, in Bell Gardens, in the United States, has won the award for the best paella cooked by a restaurant outside of Spain.

Finally, the Paelleros de Honor distinctions have been posthumously awarded to three people who have been associated in a special way with the event throughout its history: Francisco Segarra Fabià, mayor of Sueca in 1961 and promoter of the event; Jacinto Perea Gabarda, chef at the Hotel Astoria in Valencia who won the contest for the first time; and Josefa Clar Beltrán, Sueca’s neighbor who was the first woman to win the contest in 1975.

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