FunA tiktoker says he lives in the year 2027...

A tiktoker says he lives in the year 2027 and is the 'only survivor'

In social networks we have known all kinds of bizarre stories, although the truth is that very few have surpassed that of the tiktoker that claims to live in the year 2027 . But the fact that he comes from the future is not what is most surprising, he claims to be the ‘only survivor’. According to him, the human race has become extinct, and only he remains on the face of the Earth. To prove that what he says is true, he shares with his followers videos of completely empty shopping malls, streets and even metro stations and airports. All this in the city of Valencia.

There are those who believe that this tiktoker recorded all the videos during the confinement , when all of Spain remained at home. But there is something very curious in all this: on a daily basis he responds to people’s requests, such as to show the time or to go to a hospital and see if there are no people, and he does!

“My name is Javier and I am alone in the world,” says the tiktoker who, according to him, lives in the year 2027. In recent months he has gained great popularity on the social network, and on his profile we can find content from all type: travel recommendations, cooking recipes, beauty tips … It already has a million followers, and everything you share with your followers does not burn to go viral.

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One of the latest challenges that they have posed is for him to go to Madrid airport since it is international and someone was sure to be there. But when he recorded one of the terminals it was totally desolate.

The most widely accepted theory is that he recorded all the videos during confinement. However, taking into account that Javi lives in Valencia, how did he get to Madrid during confinement by Covid-19 ?

There is no way to test this theory. The only way is for a user to ask you to upload the video from a site that you have not previously recorded, but for now no one has. All that surrounds the ‘sole survivor’ are doubts and speculation.

How will all this end? The last video that he has published is how much mysterious menis. He assures that he had not been able to leave a cave for two days in which he found a box with a message .

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