FunA worker is fired for arriving early for his...

A worker is fired for arriving early for his job

We all thought they could fire you if you’re repeatedly late for your job, but going earlier seemed unthinkable. Well, it seems so, and they fire a worker for arriving before time . It happened in a well-known supermarket in Barcelona. What exactly happened?

Apparently, a manager of a well-known supermarket arrived at work an hour and a half earlier than his contract stipulated. Here we would all think that the thing could be correct if he wants to arrive earlier, but the worker had not signed up before, and this, according to various media, cannot be done, because it violates the Royal Decree Law of May 12, 2019, which modifies the Workers’ Statute and imposes the time control of employees.

What does the company say?

All this has created an important controversy, because no one thinks that you can be fired for arriving at your job earlier. And it seems so.

The company specified in the worker’s dismissal letter, according to El País that has had access to it, that the employee “placed orders, changed prices or replaced pallets even between 49 and 87 minutes before starting his shift, an activity that he carried out without signing. ”.

And although it seems a normal situation of his work, it is not so much in the actions he carried out but in the form, that is, the rule that specifies that the hours in which you work must be recorded is violated.

In the dismissal letter, they point out that this behavior violates the rule that states that “every minute you work, you pay, and every minute you work must be recorded,” according to El País.

There is more because the manager was, sometimes, alone on the premises and this for security reasons is prohibited. Although it is true that in certain jobs, some managers arrive earlier and stay alone for a long time and we do not know if there is precedent in this type of case.

What does the worker say?

The worker fired for arriving early at his job comments that he worked longer because the company had established changes and this requires greater dedication in his work. He has also alleged that the bosses knew all this.

The worker considers his dismissal unfair and was in this company for 12 years. This controversy arises as a result of the labor reform where workers must sign in and out of the job.

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