FunA young man gets a COVID passport tattooed on...

A young man gets a COVID passport tattooed on his arm

The vaccination campaign against the coronavirus continues to advance at a good pace in the world, although with notable differences between countries. Thus, more and more people already have their COVID passport and, although most have it printed on paper or on their mobile phone, there are those who go a step further. This is the case of Andre Colonnetta, a young 22-year-old Italian student, who has decided to tattoo the COVID passport on his arm .

How could it be otherwise, it has not taken long to go viral on the Internet. He is the first person to have the QR code tattooed on his arm. The young man assures that he did not think too much about it before taking the step, but he believes that it is a very practical option considering that the COVID passport has become essential to lead a “life in society” in Italy .

And, since August 6, the COVID passport is an essential element in Italy since it is required to access closed public places such as gyms, museums, theaters, bars and restaurants, amusement parks …

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Faced with this decision by the Italian Government, Andrea Colonneta, an original from the city of Reggio Calabria, contacted the professional tattoo artist Gabriele Pellerone. Finally, he tattooed the QR code of his COVID passport on his arm . According to the young man, he told the newspaper ‘Corriere della Calabria’, his parents were opposed from the first moment. They told him that he should think things better and be less impulsive.

But does the tattooed QR code really work? According to the video that Andrea Colonneta has shared on her social networks, yes. In it you can see how the young man shows his tattoo at the entrance of a McDonalds and a security guard scans it .

We do not know if tattooing the QR code in any visible part of the body will become a trend and other people will follow in the footsteps of the young Italian, but what there is no doubt is the great commotion generated in social networks. There are opinions of all kinds, both for and against .

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