NewsAby Warburg's picture atlas is coming back to Hamburg

Aby Warburg's picture atlas is coming back to Hamburg

Art lovers in Hamburg can look forward to a new exhibition: Aby Warburg’s famous picture atlas “Mnemosyne” has returned to the artist’s birthplace.

Hamburg – It consists of 971 illustrations on 63 large black boards: Aby Warburg’s famous picture atlas “Mnemosyne” is returning to his native Hamburg.

“The picture atlas is still one of the most important art-historical research projects in the world,” announced the Deichtorhallen. From Saturday to October 31st, the work of art can be seen in the Falckenberg Collection in Hamburg-Harburg.

Aby Warburg (1866–1929) came from the wealthy Jewish Warburg banking family from Hamburg. After studying art history, he examined the interactions between images from different eras and cultural contexts. With the “Mnemosyne Picture Atlas” he wanted to depict the influences of antiquity on the Renaissance and far beyond. “The exhibition almost completely reproduces the last documented version of the atlas from autumn 1929 with the original images,” it said. Most of the 971 images were found in the 450,000 objects “Photographic Collection” of the Warburg Institute in London. For the first time after Warburg’s death, his main work, the 63 panels of the Atlas, could be presented in the final constellation that has been handed down. dpa

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