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“According to her own law” – Nadja Uhl fights as a public prosecutor

A committed public prosecutor is fighting against organized crime in Berlin. After “Against Fear” two years ago with Nadja Uhl, there is now the sequel: “According to your own law”.

[Berlin -] It is night in Berlin – and a woman cannot sleep. It is the public prosecutor Judith Schrader (Nadja Uhl). She goes to the office early.

At the same time, a money transporter is ambushed on a bridge over the Spree, the operator of a sausage stand is accidentally taken hostage and later murdered in a forest. Everything points to a criminal clan that has already fallen victim to Schrader’s former boss, with whom she was in a relationship.

Prosecutor Schrader and the incorruptible commissioner Montag have been known to the TV audience since the film “Against Fear” (2019). Now comes the sequel with the title “The Huntress – According to Your Own Law”, to be seen on Monday (September 13th, 8:15 pm on ZDF).

The perpetrators are quickly found in the new crime thriller, but acquitted in court. The civil investigator Pollmann (Jörg Schüttauf) who was the first to arrive at the crime scene is accused of complicity by the opposing attorney (Judith Engel). So the investigation continues in all directions – even among the police officers.

“We’re not in” Make a wish, but in “So isset” “- says Inspector Jens Montag (Dirk Borchardt) in the film. He’s easy going, allowed to do a lot of Berlin.

The 52-year-old actor Borchardt (“Practice with a view of the sea”) said of the German Press Agency: “Without humor, police officers would probably not be able to do their difficult job. Inspector Montag is very passionate and committed in his job, straightforward – just a Berlin police officer. “

Robert Hummel (screenplay) and Andreas Herzog (director) are responsible for this impressive thriller. Of course, it’s about money, your own survival and crooks who think they are above the law. But it is also about whether and to what extent people like them can and must be endured by society.

The limits of the rule of law, the powerlessness in protecting its citizens and the gray tones of investigative activity (vigilante justice, corruption) are shown here in the capital – but the action could also take place in any other major German city.

Unfortunately, the film cannot do without clichés: The criminals are of course really nasty, the clan boss has a bull terrier trained to bite, the police officers are helpless, the public prosecutor is ambitious and cool, the chief public prosecutor is slick and freezing.

But there is also room for nuances, and Schrader succeeds in playing off the clan members and their shady lawyer against each other. The film about the struggle for law and order remains exciting with a few clever twists until the end. [dpa]

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