NewsActor Zach Galifianakis saved a woman from homelessness and...

Actor Zach Galifianakis saved a woman from homelessness and has been paying her rent for years

Comedian and actor Zach Galifianakis saved an elderly lady from homelessness. Both have an intimate relationship.

Los Angeles – We know him as a bearded, sometimes a bit clumsy film character who always manages to get into a mess in the funniest stories. He messes up a lot – especially the lives of other characters. Mostly they are the heroes of the story, not Zach Galifianakis. Still, the audience loves him. The comedian and Hollywood actor is not only talked about because of his talent. Because in this very real story, he’s the hero. In short: it is about a woman, a laundromat and a friendship that has lasted for decades. But from the beginning.

Galifianakis was not always as famous and successful as he is today. Like many other celebrities, he first had to prove himself and work upwards. On his way, however, he always had a companion who never let him forget the essential things in life.

“Hangover” star Galifianakis: girlfriend threatened homelessness

Long before the actor made it big, he lived in a small apartment in Los Angeles. He earned his living with comedy appearances. The money he earned was just enough to rent his apartment, which didn’t even fit a washing machine. However, this fact led to the fact that he met Elizabeth Haist. She worked in a neighborhood laundromat and was very popular with many customers. The young artist and the elderly lady became friends quickly, Business Insider reports. She gave him comfort and courage. After a while, however, the contact broke off. Galifianakis did it: his dream of acting came true. A role in the blockbuster film “Hangover” made him famous overnight.

Years went by and he didn’t hear much from his then girlfriend Elizabeth. Until one day he found out that the old lady in the laundromat had been fired. She was threatened with homelessness. So the actor got in touch with her again.

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Zach Galifianakis: Special Red Carpet Guest

He obviously wanted to return the favor for their loyal friendship in a difficult phase of life for him. Elizabeth should therefore get a new apartment for which he paid.

He received creative support from a celebrity friend: “Bridget Jones” actress Renée Zellweger took over the interior design of the apartment. As a further gesture of gratitude, Galifiniakis took his old friend to the film premieres of “Hangover 2” and “The Agony of Choice”. She was allowed to walk the red carpet with him. * FR is an offer from IPPEN.Media.

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