NewsActress Kaley Cuoco sees herself as a feminist

Actress Kaley Cuoco sees herself as a feminist

Kaley Cuoco played Penny in “The Big Bang Theory” for over ten years. And got the same fee as her male colleagues.

Milan – American actress Kaley Cuoco sees herself as a feminist. On the set of the series “The Big Bang Theory”, she managed to get the same salary as her male colleagues, said the 35-year-old in an interview with the newspaper “Corriere della Sera”. “If that’s not feminism.”

In the US series by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady from 2007 to 2019 she played the role of Penny, a young woman who makes her way as a restaurant operator and actually wants to become an actress. She lives across from a shared apartment between two scientists, Leonard and Shaldon, and marries Leonard over the course of the series.

The role as Penny helped Cuoco to worldwide fame. Difficulties to be compared to it again and again seem to have not encountered her. “On the contrary. Given this tremendous success, I quickly accepted the fact that there is nothing remotely comparable to this experience, ”said the Californian. That gave her freedom of movement.

Cuoco last appeared in the lead role in the series “The Flight Attendant”. The series was first seen in the USA on streaming provider HBO Max, in Germany it is available on the Amazon platform “Prime Video”. dpa

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