FunAdolf Hitler: 5 curiosities about Hitler that will surprise...

Adolf Hitler: 5 curiosities about Hitler that will surprise you

Guilty of the death of millions of human beings, especially Jews, as a result of the Holocaust that took place in the framework of the Second World War, Adolf Hitler is one of the most important figures in the history of the world, although we know a lot less about him than we might think. We tell you the things you did not know about Adolf Hitler.

Indeed, we know from Hitler that he knew how to climb slowly until he became the dictatorial leader of Nazi Germany of the 1930s and early 1940s, and that his desire for expansionism in Europe led to the most important armed conflict of the century. last.

Was born in austria

Now, not a few think that Hitler was German by birth when in fact he was not born in this country but in Braunau am Inn, a small village near Linz, Austria, in 1989 . Interestingly, he obtained German residency shortly before his rise to power in 1932.

He was a hypochondriac

Scientists have also come to the conclusion that Hitler was someone extremely nervous, that he consumed all kinds of relaxants and stimulants according to the circumstances and that, due to his hypochondriacal condition, he self-medicated to treat nonexistent diseases.


Among the things you did not know about Adolf Hitler, who was also a vegetarian and preferred fresh and rather healthy products in his diet, he had his official “taster” in Margot Woelk, forcing her to eat those same foods before him to verify that they were not poisoned and could cause death.

The Führer also did not enjoy tobacco or alcohol, and could even be considered a teetotaler in this sense. There are those who explain this behavior because of their stomach problems.

Sleeping on the Normandy landings

If there is a milestone that radically changed the course of World War II, that was the Normandy landing, and the most striking thing is that there is evidence that shows that Hitler was sleeping at the precise moment in which the Allies landed by surprises on these French shores, as their troops waited for them further north.

Nobel Peace Prize nominee

Nobody could presume, on the other hand, that Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, something that happened in 1939, when the Swedish legislator EGC Brandt proposed him to receive the award, arguing later, with the fait accompli, that it was sarcasm”.

He committed suicide and married before

Finally, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were married in a civil ceremony on April 29, 1945, just hours before committing suicide. She taking cyanide, and he shooting himself.

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